Pizza Hut Malaysia Introduces Next-Level Fusion Pizza And It Involves Nasi Lemak


  • Pizza Hut Malaysia launches new Nasi Lemak Pizza.
  • It’s available from 15th June to 31st August 2020.

Hello, foodies! It has been 3 months since MCO started and let’s admit, there hasn’t been much exciting news to look forward to. But don’t get disappointed yet, because Pizza Hut Malaysia just released an exciting fusion pizza that’s going to make you go ‘wow’. Are you ready? Starting from 15th June, Pizza Hut is introducing new Nasi Lemak Pizza!

Pizza Hut’s Newest Nasi Lemak Pizza: The Best Of Both Worlds

Photo: Pizza Hut (Facebook)

First introduced to Malaysia in 1982, Pizza Hut has been our favourite fast-food spot to satiate some pizza cravings. From durian pizzas to the heart-shaped ones, Pizza Hut has indeed brought classic pizzas to another whole new level. And together with Malaysian’s adventurous love to ‘campur’ or combine foods, they’re bringing something better than before. It’s nonetheless a fusion pizza that combines Malaysian’s favourite Nasi Lemak and pizza!

Topped with spicy sambal, crispy chicken chunks, anchovies and more Nasi Lemak condiments, you can’t forget about the cheese! Pully cheese that wraps around fragrant coconut flavoured chicken, it’s definitely a must-try all Nasi Lemak lovers. Priced at RM38.90 for one Nasi Lemak Pizza and RM40.90 for combos, are you already excited?

It’s A Limited Flavour Starting From 15th June 2020!

With much excitement, this flavour is only available for a limited time only. Available from 15th June to 31st August 2020, are you having a mixed feeling for this or you’re already tagging your friends? Anyways, we hope everyone stays safe and see you in the next post!

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Cover Photo: @Capitaland (Official)


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