Pringles Will Be Launching “Rick And Morty” Pickle Flavoured Potato Chips In 2020

Hello there, Rick and Morty fans! Gather around. We are set for an out of this world gastronomical adventure. Adult Swim, the original network behind Rick and Morty, and Pringles are working hand in hand. Through the collaboration, Pickle Rick Pringles was born. If you are a big fan of Rick and Morty, you would probably know that Pickle Rick is a classic episode from the adult animation.


Pickle Rick Pringles available in 2020

Photo: Rick and Morty Fandom – Wiki (Website)

In the episode, Rick transformed into a pickle in order to avoid attending a family therapy session. Being a pickle, Rick had a wild adventure. From being in the sewer to a foreign government agency, his last stop was in the family therapy session. Available in 2020, this new flavour is going to start with a bang with a Rick and Morty commercial airing during the Superbowl on 3rd February.

Photo: Kelloggs Company

The special edition packaging looks really good. With Pringles’ iconic shape, the whole packaging is green in colour. You guessed it, it resembles a huge pickle! In the middle, pickle-formed Rick looks like he is having a good time, with his wild eyes, and tongue out. We are not sure if this special edition will be in Malaysia. Hopefully, it will!

Bring it to Malaysia

Photo: IndieWire (Website)

Heading to any supermarkets in Malaysia, you will notice that we have many other Pringles flavours. With so many fans of Pringles and Rick and Morty in the country, there is a chance that it may be available here! #BringItToMalaysia! Will you be getting your hands on the pickle flavoured potato chips? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Adult Swim and Kellogg Company will be collaborating to create Pickle Rick Pringles.
  • It will be starting with a bang with a commercial during Superbowl.
  • This special edition will be available in United States in 2020.

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