Celebrate Ramadan With MDT: Spice Up Your Ramadan Meals By Ordering From MyeongDong Topokki

Who's Up For A Korean Feast

Happy Ramadan, foodies! We know this year will be different than the rest because there won’t be any ramadan bazaars. But worry not, you’re still able to eat all your favourite Ramadan food right at your own home. And the best thing is, you can look forward to brand new food items by your favourite eateries. And of course, MyeongDong Topokki is churning out Ramadan Value Sets and a brand new chi-ken just in time for Ramadan!


Celebrate Ramadan With MyeongDong Topokki’s New Value Set


Craving for the ultimate Korean feast to end your day and enjoy it with your family at home? MyeongDong Topppoki is now offering super affordable set meals to satisfy your Ramadan cravings. Whatever you want, either it’s Dakgalbi Chicken or Kimchi Fried Rice, they have it all under their value sets. Have them all delivered right to your doorstep without heading outside today!


Of course, you can always add on your go-to Korean snacks to go with your mains. Choose from Kimbap to Korean Fried Chicken in various sauces, there’s no end to what you can choose to eat at MyeongDong Topokki. Besides, you can also get that famous RamDon without having to lift a finger at your kitchen.

Brand New Delicious Hae Jang Chi-Ken You Can Savour This Ramadan

Introducing a brand new flavour of chi-ken in your life, Hae Jang Chi-Ken is here for the Ramadan season. Juicy succulent whole chicken cooked to tender perfection with sweet and savoury sauce. Since it’s a whole chicken, it’s more than enough to leave your entire family craving for more after one bite. You can now get it ala carte or order it with the Ramadan set meal today!


Get The Perfect Ramadan Meal When You Celebrate Radaman With MDT Today

A fuss-free and delicious Korean meal is the perfect meal to end your Ramadan fast with. Spice up your Iftar with a little kimchi and a whole Hae Jang Chi-Ken only from MyeongDong Toppoki. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than gathering your family and friends (through video call) and bonding over some delicious Korean food.

MyeongDong Topokki

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Status: Halal

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