Rapid KL Implements Temperature Checks & Social Distancing On All Their Transportation Services



  • Rapid KL implements several new rules for commuters using their transportation services, beginning May 4, 2020.
  • New rules include; temperature checks, social distancing and limited number of passengers on each train.
  • Rapid KL also advises commuters and passengers to wear face masks and use disinfectants.

Hello, foodies! It is the first day of the Conditional Movement Control Order, and albeit more freedom, it seems like strict measures are still in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Concerning Rapid KL, the major transportation service has implemented several new rules for commuters using their trains and buses, starting May 4, onwards.

Rapid KL Implements Social Distancing Measures On Trains & Buses To Ensure Passenger Safety

Photo: Rapid KL (Facebook)

As the economy reopens during this Covid-19 pandemic, we will most likely see a surge in traffic nowadays because people are finally commuting back to their office after a long while. As Rapid KL is a major transportation service, the myRapid team has put priority to ensure their commuters’ safety. And with that, we now have temperature checks and social distancing measures put in place at most of their stations.

Photo: Rapid KL (Facebook)
Image: Rapid KL (Facebook)

Ahead of resumption of their operations today, Rapid KL took to social media to announce the measures that they will be implementing. In a series of photos released on their Facebook page, netizens will now notice lines of red tape on the platform and in the train. This red tape indicates where an individual should stand and practice social distancing from one another.

Temperature Checks Among New Rules For Rapid KL Train Rides

Photo: Rapid KL (Facebook)

Besides taking measures to observe social distancing, they will also be carrying out temperature checks at their stations. These checks will be taken before the commuter can enter the train platform. Netizens with body temperatures should avoid using public transportation.

Photo: Rapid KL (Facebook)

We all have to work together to help stop the spread of Covid-19 in our country. After almost two months of the economy taking a big hit due to the Movement Control Order, it is good news that the economy is reopening. But, we must all play our part in practicing social distancing and having good hygiene. After all, #KitaJagaKita. Bye for now, and stay safe, foodies!

For more updates and information about Rapid KL transportation services, check out their Facebook page here.

Adapted from The Star

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