Resort World Genting Welcomes World’s Best Acrobats, Athletes And Performers!

Extravaganza's The Word Guys!

Genting Highlands is the place where people enjoy their getaways in peace without having to stand under hot weather and enjoys all the fun stuff. Casino, theme parks, malls, temple, you name it, they have it. Most of you might have known that the outdoor theme park had some issues opening but fret not as Genting is trying their best to fix it. However, Genting had a major breakthrough with the recent on-going shows at Resorts World Genting that is extraordinary.

Photo: Resort World Genting

World’s Best Acrobats, Athletes & Performers With Amazing Performances @ Resort World Genting

Resort World Genting understands what people are seeking for in Malaysia and took the opportunity to slick in all sorts of breathtaking performances. Although Resorts World Genting was well known for its specialty when it comes to the performance from artistes. This time, they are giving in into something entirely new to everyone.

That’s right, the name’s IMAGINATRICKS.

Before we walk you through thoroughly, you should know that they are action-packed show fusing comedies, tricks, acrobatics, and dances.

Ukrainian comedian, Oleksii Krasnykh will be the first one to lay his feet on the stage. He’s amazing talent in pantomime and sound imitation and has won the Grand Prix of international clown festival Comediada. Variety and Circus Academy of Ukraine in Kiev is where he graduated.

Previously Junior Champion at global ice-skating championships on an international level, Aleksander Popov and Elena Efaeva are representatives of Russia. They’ll skate onto the stage showing off their skills that have since amazed audiences worldwide. Ice Skating Adagio routine is what they’ve devised beautiful and passionately for IMAGINATRICKS, that is poetically enchanting and demanding at the same time.


The world’s first and only acrobatic sports theatre, Face Team hailed from Hungary. Behold as this team formed in 2004 was one of the semifinalists for Britain’s Got Talent Series 6.

In fact, the Guinness World Record-achieving basketball acrobatic team is sending Bálint Huszár, Ádám Gyujtó, Kerim Daghistani, Talán Tóth, Dénes Martsa, and Tamás Felföldi for the IMAGINATRICKS show.


Their acrobatic slam dunk and freestyle basket juggling skills have left a mark in NBA, FIBA, and international theatrical festivals.


Performing on Nothing But A Thin Wire

Up next, death-defying performance from Colombia’s award-winning acrobatic Gerlings troupe will show us an amazing Highwire act. The stunts include running, dancing, jumping, rope skipping, bicycle riding, chair balancing above Genting International Showroom stage sky-high.

Limitations beyond mortals will be shown before your eyes.

Now you might want to stay a little bit longer as 4 members of The Gerlings will risk their lives showcasing stunts that are close to impossible on a rolling double-wheel contraption, the Wheel of Suspense. They’ll be balancing themselves on a rotating thin strip of metals while doing jumps, cartwheels, somersaults, handstands and more!

Winning gold medals with this act at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival and the Wujiao International Circus Festival in 2017 are the highlights among many other awards. This is simply the way for an amazing night.


Agosta Artist Co is the producer and it’s directed by Abraham Kostanian and his super-talented team that brings creativity afar. 35 years of experience in international show production, this Australian production company aims to combine classic theatre, French cabaret, unique artistic skills, and advanced technical tricks to create a whole new reality to the audiences.

Resort World Genting Is Bringing Up The Heat!

Tickets are up for sales from RM96 to RM196 depending on the selected seats. You can find all the pricing details right here! So what do you think, people? We think it’s pretty worth it to see all sorts of performance in one in Genting Highlands. Leave a comment if you’ve decided to go!

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