This Boutique Banana Leaf Restaurant In Bangsar Serves Unique Farm-To-Table South Indian Dishes

Those craving an exciting twist to their banana leaf rice meal will love Ricksha in Bangsar. Located on the 1st floor along Jalan Telawi 5, this new boutique restaurant serves unique farm-to-table dishes from all four South Indian states. And at the same time, aiming to provide an experience that resembles dining at home.


Ricksha Sources Majority Of Its Ingredients Fresh From Local Farmers

Seafood from Kuala Selangor and vegetables from Cameron Highlands – Ricksha only gets ingredients fresh directly from dependable suppliers. For example, their jumbo prawns offered here are wild caught and not farmed!

Must-Try Dishes

The Banana Leaf Rice set comes with a selection of four vegetables, and nine types of curries such as Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Prawn and other Vegetarian curries. Now, here are some dishes that you must try with your meal!

Chicken Curry

You can’t go wrong with Fried Chicken and Banana Leaf Rice! Their version is marinated with fragrant masala spices and deep fried, then chopped into pieces and fried again. Another staple dish is the Mutton Varuval that’s spicy, aromatic and tender to the bite.

Fried Chicken

Thirunelveli Mutton Varuval

When it comes to seafood dishes, try out their signature fried shrimp dish called Wild Caught Jumbo Iraal Pakora. Using the same huge prawns shown above, it is diced and deep fried with spices like Kashmiri chilli, curry leaves and more.

Wild Caught Jumbo Iraal Pakora

Another two seafood best-sellers are the Marina Beach Squid Masala and the Chennai Tawa Fish. The marinated squid is first grilled to attain its smokiness, then combined with curry on a flat-grill. The Tawa Fish on the other hand, is a grilled (not fried) piece of Spanish mackerel marinated for 1 whole day using masala spices.

Marina Beach Squid Masala
Chennai Tawa Fish

Apart from the meaty dishes shown above, they also offer a variety of vegetarian dishes! There’s the unique egg dish called Erode Egg Podimas, which is diced hard boiled egg pan fried with spices and chillies. And, Paneer Butter Masala which is homemade cottage cheese.

Erode Egg Podimas
Paneer Butter Masala

Pair Your Meal With These Delicious Drinks

Finally, pair your banana leaf rice meal with a classic drink called Bru Coffee that’s made with fresh cow’s milk and brown sugar. Or, if you want something fizzy, try out the Lemon Lime Soda and Passion Fruit Soda!

Bru Coffee
Lemon Lime Soda, Passion Fruit Soda

Ricksha Bangsar

Address: 9A (1st Floor), Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar, 59100 Wilayah Persekutuan, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


Operating hours: 9AM – 10PM (Daily)

Status: Muslim-friendly, Delivery & Home Services available via @ricksha.bangsar Instagram & Whatsapp

Link(s): Facebook, Instagram

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