Roji Monster Ice Cream: This Dessert Spot In SS15 Has Cute & Refreshing Freshly-Made Shaved Ice

Super Cute And Super Yummy

Hello, dessert-lovers! Living in Malaysia, some of us are always complaining about how hot the weather is. Looking for something to cool yourself down? We’ve got the perfect place for you – Roji Monster Ice Cream at SS15. This dessert shop will be your ultimate go-to place to beat the heat and enjoy some refreshing ice cream! Plus, they are now available for dine-in, delivery and takeaway!


Roji Monster Ice Cream Has No Added Water To Their Ice Cream And Their Flavours Are Delicious

When at Roji Monster Ice Cream, expect only the freshest of ingredients. This is because everything is made from scratch so their quality is exceptional. They specialise in shaved ice-cream and you’d be surprised to find out that they don’t add any water to their ice cream-making process at all. Looking forward to some mouth-watering ice-cream that looks super cute and tastes super refreshing? Well, let’s get to it.


There Are Six Delicious Ice Cream Flavours That You Can Try

Roji Monster Ice Cream currently has six flavours for you to choose from: Milk, Uji Matcha, Black Sesame, French Cocoa, Mango Yogurt and Seasonal Limited Watermelon Lychee. For those who prefer original tastes, go for the Milk option. As for those feeling more adventurous, go for any of the other flavours because they are all delightful. We tried four of them and here’s what we think; read below to find out more!

New Seasonal Limited Flavour & New Toppings: Watermelon Lychee with Dorayaki and Chocolate Cookie Sauce

Photo: KL Foodie

Mango Yogurt with Honeycomb and Honey Osmanthus Jelly

Of sunshine-yellow colour and all things nice, their Mango Yogurt flavour has got to be the most refreshing flavour among the five. Made with fresh mango and zero water, their ice cream is super smooth, tasty and cooling. For toppings, we went with Honeycomb and Honey Osmanthus Jelly; a perfect combo for sweet tooths!

French Cocoa with Frozen Berries and Salted Cherry Jelly

Calling all chocolate-lovers because the French Cocoa flavour will wow your tastebuds. In a smooth bite, you can really taste the dark chocolate and it’s so rich! Because there is no water added, you are tasting 100% dark cocoa and we bet that you’ll love it. For toppings, we paired it with Frozen Berries and the Salted Cherry Jelly.


Uji Matcha with Rice Dumpling W/ Red Bean and Organic Corn Flakes

Photo: KL Foodie

Matcha fanatics rejoice because the Uji Matcha Roji Monster Ice Cream is going to be your new favourite dessert. Rich in matcha flavour, their ice cream is pure matcha-green coloured and it is so lip-smacking. As for toppings, we went with Rice Dumpling W/ Red Bean (of course!) and Organic Corn Flakes for some crunch.

Black Sesame with White Chocolate Chips and Macaron

Photo: KL Foodie

Don’t let those big monster eyes fool you because their Black Sesame flavour is absolutely delectable. The ice cream’s dark black colour only explains how much (a lot) black sesame they use to make it look so appetising! For some colour and texture, we went with White Chocolate Chips and a blue Macaron as toppings.

Choose From 25 Different Toppings To Go With Your Monster Ice Cream


Customers can choose from 25 different toppings to go with their dessert. Yes, you heard right – 25 different toppings! And, that’s not even the best bit. All of their toppings are made with premium ingredients so you can bet that you’ll be spoilt for choice because they all look and tastes so good!


  1. Mixed Nuts
  2. Rice Dumpling W/ Maccha Jelly
  3. Rice Dumpling W/ Hojicha Jelly
  4. Chocolate Chip
  5. Organic Corn Flakes
  6. Rice Dumpling W/ Red Bean
  7. Brown Sugar Tapioca
  8. Sweet Rice Ball

More topping(s):

  1. Oreo Cream Cheese
  2. Salted Cherry Jelly
  3. Raindrop Cake
  4. Macaron
  5. White Chocolate Chip
  6. Honey Osmanthus Jelly
  7. Honeycomb
  8. Frozen Berries

Step By Step Guide On How To Order At Roji Monster Ice Cream

1. Pick your favourite flavour card

2. Pick TWO toppings and stamp

3. Place your order at the counter

Other Delights You Should Try

1. Monster Waffle with Soft Serve

2. Uji Matcha Tezuri (Make-Your-Own Green Tea)

3. Matcha Latte and Peach Calpis Sparkling Juice

4. NEW: Marshmallow Toast & Roji Marshmallow Latte (Must-Try!)

Roji Monster Ice Cream

Address: 28, Jalan SS 15/4, SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: 12pm – 12am, Daily

Link(s): Facebook, Instagram

Status: Muslim-friendly

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