Rollney’s 24K Gold Ice Cream Might be The Most Expensive Ice Cream in Malaysia!

This is not a clickbait foodies, there is some 24K gold magic going on, and you don’t want to miss this out. *Cues Bruno Mar’s 24K Magic* While Malaysians are getting more creative in terms of food, we have not seen something as extravagant as Rollney’s 24K Gold Ice Cream. We’re talking about slapping real gold onto cold, sweet soft serve. Of course we had to get our hands on these gold, shiny treat, even it cost an arm and leg, for the sake of reviewing the best for you guys. So hop on as we go for yet another food adventure!



Brief Background of Rollney and What it Does:

A little fun fact: Rollney originates from Penang (#penangonebetter). Committed to serve the best Kürtöskalács, which is a Hungarian chimney cake, they’re more than just a dessert place. Each chimney cake is made fresh, like literally on-the-spot, so you get to capture every detail.

Let us guide you through the ordering process. All you have to do is pick a flavor for your cone, then the flavor of soft serve and your preferred toppings. Easy as that, some of the flavors are seasonal, so if you see one that intrigues you, WAIT NO MORE!

As Usual, Taste Test:

We know you guys are waiting for the 24K Gold ice cream, but hold your horses. We ordered quite a bit from their menu, including this Royal Chocolate Cone (Rm18.90). It’s a new flavor that Rollney rolled out, and we were told they won’t be here for long. We gave it a try, and boy, that dark, bitter-sweet flavor hit our taste buds straight up. We liked how the texture was smooth yet creamy, and when paired with the semi-sweet chimney cake, perfect. It was like having glazed toast dipped in dark chocolate ice cream.



The moment you guys have been waiting for, 24K Gold Cone (Rm 5x.xx)! What can you guys expect from this luxe beaut? Original soft serve dipped in golden pearls. Not just yet, it was then carefully covered with a blanket (film) of REAL edible 24K gold, finishing off with the golden dust a.k.a gold powder. Selling at a whopping price of RM53.90, is this not the most expensive ice cream in KL?! Taste wise, well, nothing much to be honest, just tasted super expensive, super boujee and Instagrammable-worthy. While definitely not your daily indulgence (who knows), we would say it’s worth the experience. Plus, they’re only available for a very limited time and only in Sunway Pyramid!



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On to the last sweet treat, we opted for something more neutral, the Lotus Heaven Cone (Rm17.90). No gold nothing fancy, just a good ol’ vanilla soft serve that’s not too sweet to cheer up your day. Did we mention ice cream and dough are like the best combination? Especially with their chimney roll which is crispy on the outer layer, and fluffy on the inside.

We’re Not Quite Done with Rollney:

While we did mention Rollney is much more than a dessert place, we were shocked when we saw food item on the menu. Not just any food item, but hot food served with their signature chimney cake?! We tried both Maya Chicken savoury cone and Honey Curry Chicken savoury cone (Rm9.90 each). Couldn’t deny, we were skeptical at first, but dang we were so wrong! They tasted just like wrap but better thanks to their crispy outer, the flavor of the both chicken paired with the buttery aftertaste of their chimney cake. Favourite? Hands down Honey Curry Chicken, it tasted like bread dipped in fragrant curry chicken.


Final Thoughts on Rollney:

Time to sum up our thoughts. While we favor Royal Chocolate Cone the best, we thought 24K Gold Cone was worth trying. Not only it is picture-worthy, but how often do we get to taste luxury in such way? Chances are pretty odd. Savoury cones, hands down creative, yet we could see ourselves going back for more. While it’s definitely up to personal preferences, we recommend giving Rollney a shot to see if our review does any justice. Okay, have fun, and buh bye!

Rollney Sunway Pyramid

Address: Sunway Pyramid, LG2-08, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Operating Hour: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)
More Info:
Contact: 016-701 0814
Instagram: @rollneymalaysia

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