Now You Can Stay The Night At This Airbnb In KL That Was Converted From An Old UM School Bus

So cool!

Greetings, foodies. As you may know by now, food can be nostalgic for everyone. That’s why some of us go back to the same stall over and over again. But it’s not just food, a lot of other things in our childhood can elicit nostalgia. Always wondered how it is to stay the night at your school bus? Walk down memory lane by staying at this unique Airbnb homestay right here in KL!

Fulfil Your Childhood Dream Of Staying Inside A Bus

Maybe not everyone of you dreamt of living in a bus when you were young. But pretty sure most of you has the desire to live out in a camper van. Although not the same, but it’s still pretty neat to live out the dream for just one night without having to go overseas for it. Read on to find out where to find this super cool Airbnb.

Photo: @rumahno2 (Facebook)
Photo: @rumahno2 (Facebook)

The converted bus now has a fully furnished living space, with a bedroom that sleep two, a kitchenette and a sitting area. There’s even air-conditioning at the sitting area and bedroom so it won’t get hot and stuffy. Of course, there’s no toilet in here. The toilet is located in the main house, where the bus is parked behind. This space is just perfect for couples or anyone looking for some alone time.

Photo: @rumahno2 (Facebook)
Photo: @rumahno2 (Facebook)

Located against the backdrop of the University of Malaya campus, Rumah No.2 has so much to offer than it seems. There is an edible garden right just outside of the yard where guests are welcomed to help themselves to having as a meal. Or you can play with a pair of friendly rabbits and chicken that live right beside the garden too. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to the outskirts of KL without even leaving the city.

Photo: @rumahno2 (Facebook)
Photo: @rumahno2 (Facebook)

According to the host, Rumah No.2, Universiti Malaya, the antique UM bus was left stranded in the UM campus for a good amount of time. It was then that the team decided to make good use out of it and transform it into a gorgeous living space for people to stay in. Check the pictures by the Rumah No.2 team before the massive transformation down below:

Photo: @rumahno2 (Facebook)
Photo: @rumahno2 (Facebook)

Will You Stay The Night At A Converted School Bus?

Make it a night to remember with your loved one or just by yourself at this school-bus-converted-airbnb. There’s nothing like getting away to a seemingly secluded place (but actually it’s just minutes away from the city), where you can unwind and relax even for just a day. Let us know in the comments if you’d stay the night here!

Rumah No.2 

Address: Lorong 16/10B, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Link(s): Facebook | Airbnb

Feature image:@rumahno2 (Facebook)

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