Sebang Global Malaysia Launches Buy & Win Cash Contest With Prizes Up To RM3,888!

Generally, we are advised to change our car battery once every 2-3 years. However, visit your nearest, trusted workshop and check your car battery condition. If you are going to change it in the next 3 months, you should definitely go for a Sebang Global Malaysia’s car battery. Because right now, they are launching a contest that could win you cash prizes up to RM3,888!


Buy & Win Up To RM3,888 CASH When Purchasing Sebang Global Malaysia’s Car Battery

Everyone wants the best for their cars, but it’s not every day that you get to buy new parts and win cash money for it. Starting from 1st Now 2021 – 26th Jan 2022, buy Sebang Global Malaysia’s brand car battery and you will get the chance to win cash prizes up to RM3,888. Meanwhile, the winner announcement will be on 19th February 2022.

The grand prize would be RM3,888 followed by RM1,888, RM888, RM188, and RM88 for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and consolation prize winners respectively. Additionally, there’s a Bonus Draw where you can get Enagic Levelluk JRII Kangen water machine!

Plus, you can choose between these 4 powerful batteries to get started; Rocket, Sebang, QuickStart, and Cheetah.

Photo: @SebangGlobal Malaysia

Photo: @SebangGlobal Malaysia

Here’s What You Need To Do To Participate

  1. Purchase a battery distributed by Sebang Global Malaysia (Rocket, Sebang, QuickStart, Cheetah), scan the QR code or visit the promo link found on the promotional material and fill up the purchase details in the online application form.
  2. Complete all necessary contact and purchase details in the online application form

Name (Same with IC), IC Number, Contact, Email, Car Model, Purchased battery model & upload a scanned copy/photocopy of your invoice/receipt and photo to prove your battery installation.

  1. Within 3 working days, you will receive an e-mail indicating that your submission has been received.
  2. Limited to TWO (2) entries per unique name, IC number.
  3. Limited to ONE (1) prize per winner
  4. List of draw winners will be posted on 19th February 2022 on the Sebang Rocket Battery Malaysia Facebook page.
  5. All submissions received after 26th January 2022, 11:59 PM shall not be accepted.

Requirements to join the campaign:

  1. All Malaysians residing in Malaysia.
  2. Purchase a Sebang Global Malaysia battery (Rocket, Sebang, QuickStart, Cheetah).
  3. Aged 18 years and above as of 1st November 2021.

Prize Redemption Method:

  1. Prize winners will be notified via e-mail and verified via a telephone call. Sebang Global Malaysia reserves the right to forfeit and reassign the prize if there is no confirmation response from the participant.
  2. Winners are required to produce proof of identity for purposes of verification. The only forms of proof of identity accepted are Malaysian identity cards or driving licenses. (Winners that fail to provide proof of identity will be disqualified.)

Choose Sebang Global Malaysia Batteries For Better Performance


100% Made in Korea,  you can be sure that batteries from Sebang Global Malaysia are durable and super maintenance-free! Additionally, here are some other amazing features;

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)

  • 3X the life cycle and durability
  • Extra power for engines with start-stop systems
  • Suitable for vehicles with premium equipment and sophisticated accessories
  • Holds electrolyte in place to physically support the battery’s active material
  • Perpetually maintains contact and reactivity between the plates and acid
  • Precision-punched grids – Stronger, more durable, and greater cranking power
  • Leak-proof, even when the casing is damaged

EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery)

  • 2X the cycle life and durability
  • 50% more cranking power
  • Delivers more power and reliability than conventional lead-acid batteries
  • Ideal for start-stop vehicles without regenerative braking, or users looking for an upgrade from their conventional batteries

SMF (Sealed Maintenance-Free)

  • Fully sealed from the factory
  • Do not require maintenance of electrolyte levels
  • Lose electrolytes at a much slower rate

In a nutshell, don’t wait for your car to break down to change the battery, okay? Always keep that in mind when you would need to send your car for maintenance. Meanwhile, you can always choose the better option – Sebang Global Malaysia’s Batteries to ensure that your car battery lasts longer.

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