Just In: Dine-in Services Are Allowed For Eateries In Selangor

Practice social distancing

With the extension of Conditional MCO to 9th June 2020, the federal government agreed to further loosen the restrictions on eateries, hawkers, markets, and recreational areas. This decision has been announced by the Prime Minister today. Hopefully, this will help the selected locations to slowly get back on their feet.


Highlighted Settings For The Next 4 Weeks

1. Dine-in Services at Restaurants

social distancing

All restaurants are allowed to fully operate. This includes dining-in at the premises from 7 am to 10 pm. However, social distancing should still be applied. However, eateries are not allowed to set up extra tables on the street or parking lots.

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Restaurant owners are advised to allow pre-orders to avoid overcrowding the premise. The local authority will come from time to time for a surprise inspection to make sure that every owner obeys the SOP that has been laid out in an optimum manner.

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2. Food Trucks And Hawkers

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Hawkers with no premises may operate starting from 8 am-10 pm. However, only drive-through, take away and deliveries are allowed.

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3. Wholesale, Public, Wet, And Fresh Markets

fresh market
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No butchering activities allowed in any public, wholesale, fresh, and private markets. Meanwhile, the other activities are allowed to operate as usual. Unfortunately, the ban on Pasar Pagi and Pasar Malam remains unchanged at the moment.

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4. Sports And Recreational Areas

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All forms of parks are open for the public to use from 7 am until 7 pm. People cans till fish, however, hiking and camping are still off boundaries. Meanwhile, please refrain from taking young children to crowded areas.

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Other Activities Are Bound To The Previous SOP.

The Secretary of Selangor State Government will release the detailed bill as a reference and enforcement starting from 13th Mei 2020 until 9th June 2020. Other activities are bound to the previous SOP prepared by Malaysia National Security Council (MKN).

The Pandemic Is Not Over Yet

Please remember to practice caution whenever you are outside. Wash your hands regularly with soap, keep your distance from one another, and avoid touching your face by wearing masks. Stay safe friends and remember that the pandemic is not over yet.

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