A Stunning New Glasshouse Surrounded By A Private Park Is Perfect for Your Next Event!

Imagine celebrating an important day enclosed in a gorgeous glasshouse that seamlessly blends in with nature? Now that’s the dream. Just 5km from KL city centre is where you can find the newest and sole event space in Malaysia surrounded by a private park and it is indeed, a dream come true.


Sentul Pavilion Opens Its Doors For Celebrations & Occasions

Located in Sentul West, the newest event venue in KL boasts 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor space, embodied in the form of a glasshouse. Its location perfectly emulates a destination event, all the while being right here in the city.

Through a stylish design, the architecture of Sentul Pavilion is simply breathtaking as it reflects the surrounding lush greenery with ease, making it the ideal backdrop for a memorable day.

Indoor Space

Now, let’s talk space! As aforementioned, the fully air-conditioned venue is vast, with sophisticated touches to complete its look.

The Foyer

Upon entering, you’ll find a majestic, bronzed marble staircase spiralling up into the mezzanine. This offers a view of the sweeping private entrance and landscaped vistas. Enjoy the foyer in all its glory, or as an elegant prelude to The Hall that fits up to 100 people.


The Hall

This versatile space spans 18 metres tall, drawing in natural daylight from the open meadows through its towering glass walls. It serves as an interchangeable blank canvas that hosts up to 300 people for a myriad of events- from weddings and milestone celebrations, to exclusive corporate events and product launches.



No event space is complete without stellar facilities. As such, here’s what’s available at Sentul Pavilion:


1. Arrival court

Arrive onsite with convenient private buggy drop-offs and pick-ups through a grass-lined path for a seamless arrival experience.

2. Kitchen

Find a fully fitted gourmet kitchen with commercial grade equipment for the chef or caterer of your choice.

3. The Bar @ The Foyer

Gawk in awe at opulent St. Laurent marble adorning the island counter backed by a custom bar rack. This is where guests may socialise before the main event!

4. Green Room

Get ready for your event in this fully furnished holding room complete with a private ensuite washroom.

5. Mezzanine

The mezzanine provides extra space and dimension to The Foyer. It acts as a more intimate lounging area that overlooks the event, or for housing music entertainment.

6. Parking

In addition to the core facilities, guests may park with ease at the dedicated free parking area with ample lots.

The Ultimate Idyllic Escape From The City, Within The City

Sentul Pavilion was designed to provide peaceful repose through its calm melange of earth tones with finishing touches of nature such as a bonsai tree paired with dramatic courtyard windows inspired by the Suzhou moon gates.

It’s the epitome of a centre where celebrations will be remembered- so if you’re looking for an event space soon, check out their website or follow their Instagram to find out more. They are now open for booking with a limited-time only introductory rate!

Sentul Pavilion

Address: Jalan Strachan, Sentul West, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

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