This Viral FB Post Perfectly Depicts The Struggles That Hawker Stalls Are Facing During MCO

This Is Happening Nationwide

As we’re entering the third week of the MCO, most of us may very well be getting more accustomed to working and staying at home. But, just as we’re getting comfortable at home, there’re still thousands of people in Malaysia who still have to work during these trying times. This very much includes the countless hawker stalls in the country that are still open for business, but have been gravely affected by it.


This Man’s FB Post Goes Viral For Capturing The Essence Of Saddening Times

Photo: Gary Chong (Facebook)

Facebook user, Gary Chong had posted a FB post last night depicting the conversation he had with a chicken rice stall uncle whilst waiting for his takeaway. The uncle had spoken about his daily woes of having to work 16 hours but has seen a great drop of sales since the MCO was implemented. With less than 10 customers a day, he expressed that he’s certain to go out of business if the incredible low-sales continue on for another 2 more weeks.

Photo: @rrrichxard_070501 (Instagram)

Several main points were also pointed out in the viral post that very well painted the picture of why these hawker stalls are struggling. From being unable to do home deliveries in fear of losing even more customers to hiked up prices after imposing delivery charges, to being unable register to e-commerce sites due to illiteracy. However, the most hard-hitting sad truth is that most of these hawker stalls just can’t afford to shut down their business as their living expenses solely depend on it.

Photo: @eliz.russell (Instagram)

Just as highlighted in Chong’s post, while we’re comfortable being in our homes during these times, these hawker stall owners are trying hard to make ends meet. He then urged for netizens to take time to support local hawker stalls and gerai makanan by simply having food takeaway from your neighbourhood stalls. And we can safely say, the rakyat surely has his back on this, with some even promoting their own local neighbourhood stalls to check out.

Support Your Local Businesses & Local Hawker Stalls

Photo: @zieweng (Instagram)

In the end of the day, it’s not just local hawker stalls but also local businesses that are still opened during this period. So, let us do a small but impactful part of purchasing or have takeaway at these local stores. In part of still adhering to the MCO, we urge for only one person of the household to do takeaways at your neighbourhood hawker stalls or restaurants. All in all, just be careful whilst still playing your part in helping out with the community! We will get through this together!

Source: Gary Chong

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