Subway Malaysia Is Having Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion On 31 Oct 2019 To Celebrate World Sandwich Day

Fact: life is better between two pieces of bread!

Hello, foodies! And, a special hello to you, my fellow bread lover. Whether or not you like eating plain bread, you definitely enjoy it in some other form. And…that’s the beauty of bread. You could literally put anything in between two pieces of bread and 99% of the time, it will taste good. The other 1% only happens when you use stale bread, okay? But, there’s sourdough bread tho. God help me, I love bread. 


Subway Malaysia Celebrates World Sandwich Day With FREE SUB Promotion On 31st October 2019

Photo: Subway Malaysia (Facebook)

When you think of getting a good sandwich, does your feet take you straight to Subway? Because mine does. Well, there’s no better way to end October than with a FREE SUB with any purchase of a 6″ sub and 22oz drink combo at Subway!

Photo: @hungryfever (Instagram)

World Sandwich Day falls on the 3rd of November annually and this 2019, Subway Malaysia celebrates with a BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion for all sandwich lovers! More good news, this promotion will be available at ALL Subway outlets nationwide! This means that the whole country can get it on enjoying sandwiches all day long on 31st October 2019!

Buy (1) 6″ Sub + 22oz Drink Combo For (1) Free Sub At All Outlets Nationwide

Photo: @tom.watson.412 (Instagram)

The best thing about a sandwich is that you can have it at any time of day. Whether you’re on-the-go in the morning or looking for a light-ish dinner, you can count on Subway to customise your sandwich exactly to your liking! No onions, more olives, no veggies and only meat? You name it. What you say goes your way at Subway and not only does that help you make decisions, it keeps your tummy satisfied too, by the way.

Photo: @subway (Instagram)

Some of us go back and forth thinking about where to actually eat…then there are some of us who think about what ingredients to put on our sandwich at the Subway order line. Choosing vegetables and sauces to go on my sub is too much pressure, really. Am I too slow? Am I asking for too much sauce? Does the Subway staff think I’m weird for asking for extra olives? 

Photo: @hungryfever (Instagram)

Whatever choices you make at Subway, it’s your sandwich, have it exactly how your tummy wants it. Secretly wonders why the next person has no sauce on theirs but…never mind that. Don’t you worry about anything else, head to the nearest Subway restaurant on 31st October 2019, have yourself one or…two 6″ subs and indulge for the love of bread knows no bounds. Adios for now!

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