Sunway Velocity Mall Makes Shopping Safer & Easier With Order & Collect Drive-Thru Service

Convenience & Safety At Its Finest

Greetings, foodies! Now that things are slowly getting back to (new) normal, people will soon flood shopping malls once again. Even if the Covid-19 situation is improving, we must all continue to stay vigilant. Staying safe on top of things is now much easier with the help of shopping centres like Sunway Velocity Mall who is introducing their Order & Collect Drive-Thru Service. This service helps make shopping easier, keeps us safe, and we are all for it!


Get Your Shopping Done With Less Contact At Sunway Velocity Mall With Their Order & Collect Service

Making minimal contact with strangers has never been so important at  times like this. As much as we try to practice social distancing, sometimes it is just hard to avoid contact at all when we are out in a mall.  But,  with Sunway Velocity Mall’s  Order & Collect service, you can still shop for your favourite items with ease!

Whether you are shopping for your essential items, baju raya, handbags, make-up products, birthday gifts or getting your cravings fixed. Simply click this link, call or WhatsApp the participating outlet to place your order and pay, then arrange a pick up time. You may drive-through and pick up at Jalan Peel, next to Starbucks. It’s easy, fast, and convenient!

Here’s How You Can Use Their Order & Collect Service

  • Call the participating outlet to place your order (see below for all participating outlets)
  • Make payment (as per outlet’s advise)
  • Arrange pick-up time
  • Drive to Jalan Peel (next to Starbucks) and look out for Order & Collect Station sign (pictured below)
  • Pick-up your item and head home

List Of All Participating Outlets For Sunway Velocity Mall Order & Collect Drive-Thru Service

Photos: Sunway Velocity Mall

Participating outlets:

  1. Dubuyo (012 7987 133)
  2. Hotpot Kitchen (016 3233 206)
  3. Lim Fried Chicken (03 9286 5652)
  4. Spag & Ju’s (012 5065 669)
  5. The Chicken Rice Shop (012 2023 265)
  6. Sai Kee (012 2327 316)
  7. Dragon-i (017 4039 778)
  8. Caring Pharmacy (012 2501 928)
  9. Manhattan Fish Market (018 6620 040)
  10. G2000 (019 3857 200)
  11. Eggete Lab (014 6309 626)
  12. Sunway Pharmacy (03 9201 1851)
  13. Milano Eyes Fashion by Bolton Optical (010 2096 226/ 03 2720 1923)
  14. Seen Eyewear (03 9201 7280)
  15. Better Vision (03 9201 0908)
  16. MOG (012 9100 839)
  17. J&G Chicken (016 2176 202)
  18. A Gift (018 3993 288)
  19. BebeButterfly
  20. Juice Works
  21. Aeon Wellness (018 6694 302)
Photos: Sunway Velocity Mall
Images: Sunway Velocity Mall

For more info about this Order & Collect Service, please visit their official Facebook page. Or, check out their website here.


Sunway Velocity Mall 

Address: Sunway Velocity, Lingkaran SV, Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: Daily, 10am-10pm


Link(s): Website, Facebook, Instagram

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