13 New Eateries You Will Find At Suria KLCC Revamped Food Court

With More To Come

Suria KLCC recently completed its renovations of the space within Ramlee Mall where Parkson used to occupy, by adding 60 new retailers including food & beverage outlets! A portion of the freed up space had also been used to expand the Signature Food Court on level 2, with new F&B outlets such as 108 Matcha Saro and Serai, making their debut earlier this year.


13 New Restaurants At Suria KLCC

All restaurants listed below are Halal certified, and operate from 10AM – 10PM daily.

1. Kagura Ramen

Photo: @foodiedeliciousmy (Insta)

What makes Kagura Ramen stand out from the rest is their ability to create a pork-free broth using chicken. The broth used is made with rich collagen, which acts as a healthy substitute for the creamy texture you get with pork broth. Don’t forget the chicken chashu!

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2. JJ Chili Pan Mee

Photo: @kulmys (Insta)

JJ Chili Pan Mee prides themselves in serving hand-made ‘Pan Mee’ dough noodles with their home-made chili paste. Paired with fish balls on the side, mix the noodles with the chili paste and enjoy a spicy meal ahead.


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3. Mad Mex

Photo: @madmexmalaysia (Insta)

Famous Mexican fast food chain from Sydney, Mad Mex, specializes in serving delicious and healthy Mexican food using authentic ingredients. Expect items such as burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and rice bowls, that are customizable with an array of ingredients offered.


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4. Para Thai

Photo: @caleen (Insta)

Para Thai has everything a Thai food lover could want. Led by Chef Bunmee and his fellow Thai chefs, they offer an extensive menu serving authentic specialties such as Tom Yam Goong, Steamed Fish With Chilli Lime Sauce and Mango Sticky Rice.


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5. Serai

Photo: @annieliciousfood, @ciak_kl (Instagram)

Serai is the place to visit if you like gourmet Malay and Western dishes. They offer good-quality Malaysian items like Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Ambang, and East-meets-West specialties such as Beef Rendang Penne. Serai also serves a wide variety of delicious cakes and desserts!

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6. Genki Sushi

Photo: @genkisushimy (Insta)

Genki Sushi is not your average sushi-belt restaurant. They deliver sushi plates to your table using a delivery system which comes in the form of a train! Simply order through a QR code and get fresh sushi plates delivered to you straight from the kitchen.

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7. 108 Matcha Saro

Photo: @108matchasaromy (Insta)

108 Matcha Saro is well-known in Japan for its matcha desserts such as Obanyaki, Warabi Mochi, Parfaits, and Soft Serve Ice-Cream. This outlet is the only one you can find in Malaysia and it’s heaven for matcha lovers!

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8. I Love Yoo!

Photo: @iloveyootiao (Insta)

If you are craving Yoo Tiao (fried dough sticks) or soy bean drinks, check out I Love Yoo! The popular Chinese snack is best paired with a bowl of congee and a cold soya bean drink.

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9. Ahh-Yum By Kampong Kravers

Photo: @hudahudayah, @seleramakdek (Insta)

Ahh-Yum by Kampong Kravers offers traditional Malaysian dishes with a modern twist. They are famous for their ‘Nasi Ayam Berempah’, deep fried chicken with rice, that’s marinated in 18 herb and spices! You can also find Malaysian staples like Cekodok Pisang, Fresh Pandan Toast, Soft Boiled Eggs and more.

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10. Sate Cafe

Photo: Pudin Basir (Google Photos)

You can now get fresh charcoal grilled satay in KLCC from Sate Cafe. Located in the food court, pair your chicken sticks with nasi impit and peanut sauce for the ultimate tea time snack.

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11. Liang

Photo: @liang_tropicana, @crushinglimits (Insta)

You should definitely try out Liang Crispy Roll if savoury crispy parathas are your thing. Endorsed by Chinese star Jay Chou, these handheld rolls are the perfect snack to munch on.

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12. Shucked

Photo: @shuckedoysterbars (Insta)

Shucked is well-known for their large selection of imported oysters from all over Europe. They also offer fresh seafood favourites like fish & chips, smoked ocean trout, bruschetta with anchovies and more!

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13. Baskin Robbins

Photo: @karenkohh (Insta)

Baskin Robbins needs no introduction to ice-cream lovers in Malaysia. Started in 1945 by two brother-in-laws from America, they’re revered for their huge variety of flavours, with Mint Chocolate Chip being their specialty. Don’t forget the 31% discount the 31st of every month!

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More Restaurants Coming To Suria KLCC Including Malaysia’s First Bathing Ape Cafe

In addition to the new Ramlee Mall, the food court is getting its own makeover too. The first half of the section is already completed with a fresh look and many new F&B stalls, with the second half expected to be complete later this year. It will feature a pork-free Dragon-i, David Rocco’s Dolce Vita, Bathing Ape cafe and many more. So, keep an eye out!

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