Sweet Potato Sago Dessert: Only 3 Ingredients To Make This Deliciously Healthy Dessert

Here's A Guilt-Free Dessert For You

Now that we’re spending most of our time at home, we can’t help but to have more unsatisfied cravings. Hence, we’ve been sharing a laundry list of homemade dessert recipes you can’t resist trying at home. Either it’s chocolate indulgence cake or burnt cheesecake – we’ve shown you all. Since there’s been so many sinful treats, we think we’ll share this super simple but guilt-free dessert you can make right at home!


Here’s How You Can Make Sweet Potato Sago Dessert With Only 3 Ingredients

If you’re a fan of traditional Chinese desserts, then this will be familiar to you. Normally known as 西米露 aka “sai mai lou”, the traditional desserts is made with sweet potato, taro and sago balls. Today, we’re bringing you an alternate version that’s way healthier and you surely already have these ingredients in your fridge! Scroll on down to find out more:

Photo: @白鹿Betty (XiaoHongShu)
Photo: @白鹿Betty (XiaoHongShu)

Ingredients: 1 whole sweet potato, 20g of sago, 250ml of milk

Step 1: Peel the sweet potato and steam it for about 15 minutes. Then, mash the sweet potato till it becomes a puree.

Step 2: Bring a pot of boiling water, then add in sago and cook for 15 minutes under medium heat. Continuously stir as you’re cooking it. When the sago turns into a transparent consistency, it means it’s done.

Step 3: Drain the sago balls and add it into your cup.

Step 4: Next, just add in the sweet potato puree and milk into your cup. Stir it up and it’s good to go!

Photo: @白鹿Betty (XiaoHongShu)

Try This Guilt-Free Healthy Dessert At Home

There you go – one fuss-free and low-fat healthy dessert coming right up! Not only it’s super easy to make, it’s ultimately like the healthier version of your go-to boba drink. Try this out at home and let us know in the comments on how it turns out. Good luck and bone-apple-tea!

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