Tealive Introduces Malaysia’s First Strawless Reusable Bubble Tea Cup


  • Tealive introduces Malaysia’s first strawless reusable bubble tea cup.
  • It helps to curb single-use plastics.
  • The new merchandise will be available for purchase soon.

Bubble tea has been a favourite beverage among Malaysians for the past few years. Well, this statement is supported by numerous bubble tea stores opening around town, especially in the well-regarded bubble tea street, SS15 at Subang Jaya. Here’s the thing, bubble tea isn’t very good for the environment considering all the plastic that is used. It turns out that Tealive has something up their sleeves!

Hello there, Malaysia’s First Strawless Reusable Bubble Tea Cup!

Photo: Tealive Asia (Facebook)

Just announced today, Tealive has created Malaysia’s first strawless reusable bubble tea cup. Indeed, it is a good move as many environmentalists reported that straws can be very harmful to sea creatures, especially sea turtles. It is one of the many reasons why many restaurants and cafes only provide straws upon request. Of course, it is difficult to be sipping on bubble tea without a straw. How are you going to get your boba?

Photo: Tealive Asia (Facebook)

Part of their sustainability activity, Tealive is now collaborating with OneCup eco glass tumbler to produce the first-ever strawless reusable bubble tea cup. Dubbed as Southeast Asia’s largest tea brand, Tealive believes that they need to lead by example and play a role in the environment. Reducing single-use plastics sounds like a perfect start!

These Tumblers Will Be Available Soon For Purchase

Photo: Tealive Asia (Facebook)

It appears that there will be several types of tumblers available soon. The first one looks very similar to Tealive’s single-use cups as it is decorated with purple hues. A glass version is also available. Pink or blue, your choice! In this version, it comes with a metal straw. Will you be purchasing the tumbler with a closing lid, or with a metal straw attached? Let us know in the comments!

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