Tealive Introduces All-New Softea Brew And Softea Cone Combining The Best Of Both Worlds

Can't Wait To Try Them!

Happy November foodies! How’s November treating you guys so far? In less than 2 months, we’ll bid farewell to 2019 and truth is, none of us are mentally ready for that. Regardless, time waits for no man but sometimes, some new creation in the food scene can make time pause momentarily. Our favourite bubble tea chain Tealive is introducing the brand new Softea line, which includes Softea Brew and Softea Cone! Keep reading guys!

Tealive Softea Brew & Softea Cone Available At Selected Outlets Only

So, Tealive has recently brought back the super worthy RM 2.50 Touch ‘N Go Wallet deal to its loyal patrons. Some time back, they also released the Bubble Softea, in line with the never-ending bubble tea hype. This time around, they’re getting even more creative by adding more items in the Softea collection!

Photo: @TealiveAsia (Facebook)

The new items include Softea Brew, which essentially fuses their signature brews with premium soft serve. That’s not all, they also have the Softea Cone, consisting of soft-serve made with freshly brewed tea. And so for these 2 new items, soft serve and tea lovers will be on their feet since they’ll get the best of both worlds.

Tealive Softea
Photo: @TealiveAsia (Facebook)

As the new Softea items are pretty unique, they’ll only be available at selected Tealive outlets only. Check out the complete list here.

Tealive Softea
Photo: @TealiveAsia (Facebook)

We’re not quite done here, guys. If any of you recall the bubble Softea that combines brewed tea soft serve with a side of chewy brown sugar pearls, then you’re in luck because this item is back with 2 additional sidekicks!

Tealive Softea
Photo: @TealiveAsia (Facebook)

Let us know what are you most keen to try in the brand new Softea collection! You can either sip tea and soft serve in one go with the Softea Brew, or have it infused as a creamy soft serve with the Softea Cone. Or, if you can’t decide, then try out both!

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