Tealive Unveils LARGEST Bubble Tea Cup On KL Skyline For International Bubble Tea Day

The Kuala Lumpur night skyline saw a dazzling display of LED lights forming the “Largest Tealive Bubble Tea Cup” when Tealive transformed the 48-storey TSLaw Tower to introduce its new tagline of Brewing Positivity.


The top regional lifestyle tea brand turned two facades of the building into a virtual display of the largest bubble tea cup ever-seen here. The facades each measured 185 metres high and are 40 metres and 36 metres wide.

The other two facades of the tower sported static displays of the brand’s new tagline and other messages.

Bryan Loo, founder and CEO of brand owner Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, said Tealive chose to delight Malaysians with the largest bubble tea cup on April 30 to mark International Bubble Tea Day.

To introduce its new tagline of “Brewing Positivity”, Tealive utilised TSLaw Tower’s combined total area of 25,633.12 square metres.

Tealive’s biggest bubble tea cup was displayed on Elevations 1 and 2 (total visible space 500px (W) x 1100px (H)) of the tower, while its new tagline on Elevations 3 and 4 (total visible space 600px (W) x 870px (H)).

The home-grown Tealive has made Malaysia proud by going on to be the top regional lifestyle tea brand and helping Loob to be the largest food and beverage company in South-east Asia by store count.

“While we continue to make great strides these last seven years, we want to strengthen our customer’s attachment to the brand. So, we took a moment to ask ourselves who we really want to be and why we exist as an organisation.


“Our tea lovers have often looked forward to our ‘Breakthrough’ Campaigns. Now, we’re ready to excite them further with new tastes and frontiers as we look to create and stir up a positive atmosphere and mindset in everything we do. So, to all our loyal supporters, stay tuned for us in Brewing Positivity!” he quipped.

Loo hoped the new tagline will signify Tealive as a symbol of inspirational strength through the generations and serve to unite all Malaysians through its “liquid positivity”.


“We want to unleash the power of this tagline and take it to new heights through inspiring stories of Tealive, as celebrating the Malaysian spirit of unity is what #TealiveBrewingPositivity is all about.

“We’re also a testimony that Malaysians can create world-class products which is why we are a brand that’s Born in Malaysia, Raised for the World. As we continue to stay motivated to innovate more to win every appetite with our extensive menu, we hope at the same time we’re inspiring Malaysians to have a positive outlook, emotions, experiences, and attitudes.


“We are all incredibly excited and proud to share the new chapter of Tealive. One that will help many people around Malaysia experience positivity through our unique, flavourful drinks,” he said.

In line with the new tagline came the introduction of Tealive’s new mascot, Bru, a character with a Boba in a milk tea as a head. According to Loo, Bru is an icon with a quirky, funky character who counters negative vibes with his wise mind and edgy personality.

Kicking off the campaign on 30th April with an event welcoming the public to The Bru-niverse held at Lot 10 Bukit Bintang, several activities – Giant Boba Toss, Run with Bru, Snap a Bru-file, Try our Mega Pearl drink, and Grab your personalised Yumbler – were arranged with the intention to bring the nation together to celebrate the brand’s milestone and its fresh new lease of life. The campaign runs till 5th May and is further amplified across all social media channels.

With a brand new identity comes a new exclusive range of “Mega Pearl Peach Paradise” drinks that will satisfy the cravings of every bubble tea lover – a refreshing balance of sweet Peach Oolong Tea taste and Tealive’s chewy pearls, and this time in mega size. Three new drinks launched in conjunction with this campaign are Mango Peach Oolong Tea, Bang Bang Peach Oolong Tea Latte, and Peach Oolong Milk Tea.

The event also saw over 1,000 drinks as well as 600 Tealive Wall’s ice cream and OATSIDE given away for free, while the weekend crowd were entertained by special dance performances by Tealive’s tearistas as well as the opportunity to guess the Mystery Bru with Warner Music celebrities.

Source: Press Release 

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