The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary with Limited-Edition Purple-Themed Menu, Amber Wing Single Origin Espresso & More

Being one of the most renowned coffee chains in Malaysia since 1997, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with a whole new limited-edition purple-themed menu! If you’re a fan of CB&TL and the colour purple, you’ll fall head over heels for their violet variants!


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Launches Limited-Edition Purple-Themed Menu For Their 25th Anniversary

Let’s go back in time, shall we? In 1997, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® opened up their first store in Malaysia at Farenheit, which was known then as KL Plaza. After 25 years of grinding, they’re still exploring the amazing flavours the world has to offer, bringing them into their cafes.

With over 100 outlets across the country, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®  invites everyone to join in the celebration and try out their limited-edition 25th-anniversary menu that’s all things purple! From savoury bites to sweet delights, there’s something for everyone.

Murasaki Blondie features a nutty, almost earthy taro flavour that complements the sweet white chocolate brownie in a slice of velvety oishii-ness! Here’s a tip: Eat it chilled for crumbly goodness or warm for gooey scrumptiousness.

Twilight Berry is the perfect choice for those who prefer a mousse base. Imagine sweet summer blueberries and zesty lemon mousse on a dark charcoal sponge and cream cracker base, it’s a twilight waltz of flavors.


Coco Yam Tart is hands down our favourite, a marriage of sweet and savoury. Featuring a celebration of the time-honoured Malaysian flavor pairing of yam and coconut in a delightful flavor bite of crisp coconut and soft lush yam.

What looks like a purple-coloured cinnamon roll is in fact, the Purple Swirl. It’s a soft brioche made with purple sweet potato, mixed with red bean and infused with hints of nuttiness and sweetness.


Not a sweet tooth? Then try out the Asam Beef Pandesal, an ode to a Malaccan heritage dish. Tangy, savoury and meaty, it’s a pocket snack packed with flavours, perfect for on-the-go!

Single-Origin Espresso Returns With New Amber Wing Beans, Available In a Range Of Signature Beverages


The single-origin espresso makes a highly-anticipated return with the new Amber Wing beans from Botelhos, Brazil. Handcrafted into a range of beverages, Malaysians can savour the unique characteristics of the coffee beans in their favourite coffee!

Explore the full flavour of the Amber Wing beans in Iced Gibraltar Americano with Cream Cap. You’ll get hints of dried apricots and light citrus complemented with a pleasant chesnut aroma. The Cream Cap option adds a smooth, velvety start to your first sip, where you’ll also get a ‘complimentary’ cream moustache!

Grab a cup of Hot Gibraltar Latte and indulge in the creamy, floral notes of the bean that could warm up your soul when you’re feeling fuzzy. It’s also great for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Want more flavours? Try out the Iced Gibraltar Mocha Latte, with the option to add Cream Cap. You’ll get a smooth and chocolatey flavour in every sip, complemented with robust notes of coffee.

Head over to your nearest The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® outlet and grab their 25th Anniversary Purple-Themed menu before they’re gone for good! Coffee aficionados, don’t forget to try out the Amber Wing handcrafted beverages in their Gibraltar range as well!

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