The Double Happiness: This New Teo Chew Restaurant Serves Sekinchan’s Favorite Dishes

So Many Mouthwatering And Irresistible Dishes To Try Out

If you’re around the Setia Alam area, do check out this newly opened restaurant. Here in The Double Happiness Teo Chew Cuisine restaurant, they serve various Teo Chew dishes including Tong Sui. You’ll probably want to check this place out after reading this article.


The Double HappinessTeo Chew Cuisine Has Opened Their New Location!

The Double HappinessTeo Chew Cuisine was founded in 1997 at Sekinchan and recently they’ve opened a new shop at Setia Alam. You can find most of Sekinchan’s favorite Teo Chew dishes here as well. Moreover, you can complete your meal with their ‘tong sui’ because a meal won’t be complete without dessert.


1. Braised Yee Mee With Ginger Duck

This is their signature dish at The Double Happiness Teo Chew Cuisine. The duck has been braised for at least 5 hours to make sure that it’s tenderized and flavorful. Served in a claypot, this dish will leave you wanting more because it’s pack with flavor from the long hours of braising.

Moreover, you can pair this delicious ginger duck with white rice as well if you’d prefer a heavier meal.

2. Signature Rice Noodles

This simple dish is packed with flavors as well. To make this dish so tasty, simple ingredients that pairs well together are added into it. Those ingredients include dark soy sauce, spicy prawns, shallots, fried onions and fried pickled white radish. So simple yet so irresistable.


3. Asam Laksa

This is another must try dish from this restaurant. Laksa is a favorite dish among the Malaysians. Besides that, this laksa broth is thick with a spicy-sour taste. Laksa won’t be laksa without the fresh fish so you can be sure that you’ll get an abundance of fresh fish here.


4. Spicy Sauce Chicken Rice

Spicy lovers will love this dish so be sure to not miss out! Served with special spicy sauce that pairs perfectly with white rice, you will definitely be satisfied after having this dish.


5. Tong Sui

Peach Resin Soup

Here at The Double Happiness, you have a choice of 8 different ‘tong sui’ to pick from. Be sure to not leave without trying a bowl of their ‘tong sui’. Bring your friends and family along so you’re able to order a variety of ‘tong sui’.

Yam & Sago

Moreover, the 8 choices menu are being rotated daily so you won’t be getting the same ‘tong sui’ if you visit them on different days. 8 different choices daily is A LOT! If you’re a ‘tong sui’ lover, you can visit here daily to see why are the 8 different choiced everyday.

Black Glutinous Dessert

Operation hours: 10:30 am – 9 pm (Daily)

Address: No 1, Seksyen U13, Jalan Setia Dagang AL U13/AL, Setia Alam, Shah Alam

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