The World Renowned Croissant Chain ‘Hazukido’ Is Coming To KL This July

First in Malaysia!

Are you a big fan of a certain French traditional viennoiserie-pastry that’s buttery, flaky, and crescent-shaped? If your answer is ‘yes’, you’ve come to the right place! This is because we’ve got the most exciting news for you: Taiwan’s Famous Croissant Chain, Hazukido is coming to Malaysia real soon. Hang on foodies, good things take time. Read on to find out the date and location of the new opening!


Hazukido is opening in Subang Jaya SS15 On 16 July!

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The world-renowned croissant chain Hazukido is finally opening in Subang Jaya SS15 on this coming 16th of July. This is actually their first store in South East Asia after Taipei, Hong Kong, Macao and Shanghai. Fans of Hazukido are also known to have stood at least an hour in line, and I just can’t wait to be one of them!

What’s so special about Hazukido?

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Craving something crispy and buttery with interesting fillings, all at once? Go for Hazukido! They insist on the Shokunin spirit of Japan, selecting the highest quality ingredients to ensure everything about the croissant make perfectly.

Moreover, they have a huge variety of croissants with interesting fillings and toppings. But the highlight of their focus is the exclusive folding technique enables to create a complexity of texture with crispy layer outer and soft inner layer. Are you salivating, yet?

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Daily limited freshly baked on-site, every croissant are baked with natural ingredients such as European finest natural butter without any additives and preservatives. They also use the time-honoured flour brand in Japan, which gives the croissant a delicate texture and natural fragrance. Just one bite of their croissant will surely make your heart pound!

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Hazukido’s Signatures Which You Shouldn’t Miss

#1 Brown Sugar Warabi Mochi Croissant

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Hazukido is bringing in the imported handmade original ingredients from Japan Okinawa and Fukuoka’s brown sugar and Warabi Mochi. Nothing compares to the texture of their fresh mochi, the crispy and buttery croissant, all flavours are punchier than ever. The attempting aroma of brown sugar and caramel syrup will surely make you craving for more.

#2 Lemon Icing Croissant


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Laying on top of the sweet-smelting layer of the crispy croissant is the specially made icing lemon with just the right amount of sweetness from the fresh lemon. That mixture of both worlds of lemon and sweetness in the mouth is like an experience of an orchestra of taste, stunning, and definitely a massive enjoyment.

#3 Custard Croissant


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You can go basic by having their custard croissant. A crusty shell filled with rich vanilla cream. Take one bite and it was bursting with lightly sweetened vanilla paste inside. All in all, it’s just the right combination of sweet, smooth, creamy and buttery. Be careful when you sink your teeth in!

#4 Aomori Sun Fuji Apple Croissant


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The world-famous premium Aomori Sun Fuji Apple from Japan, cooked with caramel to bring out its sweetness and distinctive taste. Sweet and sour taste stimulated your taste bud and makes you addicting to munching to it. So sinful, so good. One is never enough!

Mark Your Calendar!

Are you ready to feed your Instagram with the world-renowned croissants? I’m YES! Mark you calendar foodies, because we’re going on a croissants date. See ya on the 16th of July at Hazukido!

You can check out Hazukido’s Facebook and Website for more information.

One last thing, share this good news with your friends and family!

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