This Futuristic Landscape Might Be the Next Instagram-Famous Spot in KL

Get your phone and camera ready!

Good day foodies, we have just discovered what might be the next (or already am) Instagram-hit spot in the city! We’re talking about Tamarind Square in Cyberjaya, Selangor. The concrete landscape touched with greenery looks like it came out of a futuristic Japanese anime. Scroll down to find out more about this space.


Tamarind Square: An Urban Village

Photo: @imranevanss (Instagram)

Nestled in a tech neighbourhood, the urban landscape is a commercial that connects both art and culture through communication. Tamarind Square not only holds commercial spaces, offices, shoplots, but also a venue to numerous events and workshops. The concrete facade holds its rigid accent, reflecting the city while lush greenery surrounding it brings life to the space. It’s basically a marry of city and nature, which makes it perfect for pictures.

Photo: (Instagram)


Photo: @t.w.k._ (Instagram)
Credit: @mhd.audyadam (Instagram)
Photo: @ms.sallyzafrina (Instagram)
Photo: @t.w.k._ (Instagram)

What Else to do at Tamarind Square:

Photo: @thericorinaldi (Instagram)

Apart from photo-taking sessions, there are plenty of cafes and eateries to explore in this two-storey building. From fusion restaurants to fast food chains and cafes, you’ll be spoiled by choices. It’s perfect for modern couples looking for a chill spot, especially during the weekend.

Photo: @burgerandtacomy (Instagram)

You can also run for groceries at Village Grocer, unwind in BookXcess, pamper yourself with a spa or facial, run errands and more at Tamarind Square. It’s basically a one-stop-solve-all spot in the tech city.

Photo: @thalassophileirdina (Instagram)

There are so many things to do at Tamarind Square, but most importantly, bring along a camera because every corner over here is basically picture-worthy. Don’t forget to tag your Instagram buddies and let us know in the comment what you think of this spot. Have a great weekend and buh bye!

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