This McDonald’s Employee in Bangsar Showed Off His Dance Moves to Attract Customers

Hello foodies, how are you? 2020 is definitely the year of perseverance and we’ve seen so many businesses going all out just to stay relevant and attract customers. This McDonald’s employee in Bangsar for example, danced in public just to attract customers to use the restaurant’s drive-thru service.


McDonald’s Employee in Bangsar Used His Dance Moves to Attract Customers:

A McDonald’s employee in Bangsar was assigned to hold a ‘drive-thru’ board outside of the restaurant to promote the service. Instead of standing and walking around, he came up with a creative way to attract customers.

A netizen recorded him dancing to his imaginary music while holding the board and posted the video to a Facebook group. We don’t know if he’s genuinely being creative and to kill time, or, partly wants to show off his dance moves.

Anyways, he did it. His video went viral on Facebook, and we bet it gave the Bangsar outlet some publicity. Kudos to the young chap for being so brave in public. He definitely delivered joy to passerby and his colleagues.

We think he deserves a raise, do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and tag your friends who might be interested in this. That’s all, stay safe guys, and buh bye!


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