Bunch: New Glass House Themed Food Hall in PJ

This place is lit ?

Hello once again Foodies, we are back with a trending topic! Petaling Jaya has all sorts of fun things to do but what comes after fun? Food! You’re correct, there’s a new Instragrammable spot opening soon in Seksyen 51, Petaling Jaya. Don’t go for boomerang just yet, here are what we know.

BUNCH is Finally Making Its Debut in Petaling Jaya

Photo: BUNCH

What is Bunch?

Bunch is a food hall that takes creativity and comfort to a whole new level. We know Foodies are filled with awe and wonder right now. What can you expect from Bunch? What makes them so different from any other food hall? That’s what we thought until we’ve seen what it looks like.

Photo: BUNCH

We thought we understood the definition of “making yourself at home” until this showed up. Bunch sure looks like a high-end Bungalow except foods live inside. The greenery and the chill-ful designs allow ones to feel like home. Making Bunch your home is just like taking a walk in the park.

Photo: BUNCH

What Makes Bunch At Petaling Jaya So Special?

Photo: BUNCH

We’re proud to tell you that, every corner of the Bunch is Instagram-worthy. Entering Bunch, you’ll find yourself sitting under a glass roof that allows sunlight to phase through and light up the interior without a slip of heat. Who doesn’t like a building with floor to ceiling glass windows all over?

Photo: BUNCH

You’d be stunned looking into the interior of Bunch. Yes, Bunch is amazing on the exterior, but they didn’t let that carry them away from making the interior a bomb too. They brought nature, home, and coziness into one with their interior. The mixture of Futuristic and Modern design allows one to stay in their comfort zone in Bunch.

Photo: BUNCH

Bunch is just a building but they’re able to build a place into places. Filled with different kind of styles, you can choose what theme are you into at the very day. This is most certainly a place for you to find all sorts of feeling.

Photo: BUNCH

Bunch’s True Forte

If you think Bunch is all about designs, exteriors and interiors then you are to be lawyer-ed. Bunch has already been waiting for this moment to announce their famous tenants joining them. Steady your mind cause they’re going to crank up the heat for you.

Photo: BUNCH

Starting with the first one, The Owls Cafe took its spot as quickly as possible to fill up your tummy with amazing food. The Owls Cafe is well known for its cuteness and tastiness not to mention coziness. They chose the exact spot that matches their own Cafe theme to make themselves at home. Will they serve their beverages with the all-time cutie owl cup? Well, that’s for you to find out.

Photo: BUNCH

Instead of setting your foot into Thailand, My Elephant Thai Restaurant brings themselves to you. Why travel far when the far travel itself to you? My Elephant is ready to serve you their various kinds of Thai food to you in Bunch. They make their spot perfect because Bunch will not be complete without Thai food.

Photo: BUNCH

You moved and now you’ve missed your old neighbors’ cook? Worry not, Neighbor-food will move into Bunch for you! Neighbor-food cooks all the classic dishes your neighbor would’ve cooked for you. They will make sure they serve their dishes with warmth so that you don’t feel left out. Don’t miss it!

Photo: BUNCH

No food hall is complete without desserts. What’s better than a lick of ice cream? Forty Licks of course! A home-grown brand serving handcrafted ice cream, Forty Licks will certainly end all your craves for icy dessert at the end of your meal. If you’re a sweet tooth, you are bound to love it like we do!

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Address:NO.2, Jalan 51A/225 Seksyen 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Time: Weekdays 10 AM-10 PM, Weekends 10 AM-11 PM

Soft-Opening Date: 24/05/2019 (24th of May 2019)

Don’t Miss the Bunch With Your Bunch of Friends for Brunch

It seems that this is the end of this breaking-news article. We’re not joking, don’t miss out this amazing place in Petaling Jaya. This would be the perfect place to ease your choices for food in one place. Bunch will make their first-ever appearance in less than 24 hours, so don’t miss out the chance! Bye Foodies!


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