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This Yong Tau Foo Shop in Cheras Serves a Plethora of Traditional Hakka-Style Yong Tau Foo

Good day foodies, we’ve been doing some food hunting lately and chanced upon a humble shop that sells authentic Hakka-style Yong Tau Foo. It’s Cheras Homey Yong Tau Foo, and as the name suggests, their yong tau foo is very comforting and absolutely delicious. So buckle up foodies, and hop on for yet another foodventure ride with us.


About Cheras Homey Yong Tau Foo:

If you’ve had your fair share of yong tau foo, you might already know most of them are either on a pushcart by the roadside, or, painstakingly unsanitary. Cheras Homey Yong Tau Foo is here to prove to us that yong tau foo can be enjoyed in a cozy, air-conditioned and hygienic ambiance.

A fairly new business around the neighbourhood (since November 2019), there’s nothing too fancy about Cheras Homey Yong Tau Foo’s ambiance. Their aim is to provide customers a comfortable space to dine, while focusing on the quality of their yong tau foo. Fun fact: Their ingredients are made upon order to keep the freshness and nothing is left overnight.

Let’s Dive Into Their Menu (Slurp Slurp*)

We’ve tried out quite a bit and here’s what we think. Their Signature Yong Tau Foo (RM6/3 pieces) is a must-order for anyone who visits Cheras Homey Yong Tau Foo. Dao gua (beancurd) stuffed with their homemade pork and salted fish paste is served in a bowl of homemade soup. You can literally taste the freshness and it has a bite to it.

The Signature Stuffed Brinjal (RM6/3 pieces) left us in awe, like how is it possible that such a simple dish could bring out so much flavor? Brinjal stuffed with their homemade pork and salted fish paste, then grilled to present that charred, golden sheen, utterly lip-smacking.


Moving on to something heavier on the palate, which is also one of their bestselling dishes, Pork Trotter with Vinegar (RM20). The savory, braised flavor kicked in strong with a tinge from the vinegar. It is quite hard to find such traditional dish these days, and we would say, they really preserved the old taste.

There’s More to Offer:

Unlike other places that serves commercialized stuffed items, every item at Cheras Homey Yong Tau Foo is free of MSG. You can tell from the dishes and flavors that the owner and team poured all efforts in bringing the best for their customers.


The next one is probably the highlight of their entire menu, which happened to be our favourite. It’s the crowd’s favourite Chee Cheong Fun (RM2.50). They’re thicker in texture as compared to other chee cheong fun out there, and the sauce is really rich and fragrant.

Its sister, Curry Chee Cheong Fun is yet another rising star in the shop. The curry gravy is packed with flavors, but not too pronounced, you can literally finish the whole plate within minutes.


Craving for that crispy, fried food? They serve a plethora of fried yong tau foo in their menu as well. Get a whole platter so that you can sample a bit of everything, and they’re great for sharing. Other side dishes like curry fish ball and fried sauce noodle are also worth trying.

Our Verdict:

Cheras Homey Yong Tau Foo is KL Foodie approved! Another fun fact: The recipe and preparation methods were inherited for decades from their grandparents. The owners preserved the flavors and remained humble, while delivering lip-smacking yong tau foo to customers. If you’re a yong tau foo fan, definitely give this place a try. Don’t forget to tag your friends and let them know about this spot. Have a great day ahead and buh bye!

Cheras Homey Yong Tau Foo

Address: 21, Jalan Jintan, Taman Supreme, 56100 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
Operating Hour: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. (Closed on Tuesdays)
Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

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