Top 5 Ingredients Close Up for Your Coming Christmas Home Cooking Fiesta

Laughter, Family, Friends and the wonderful aroma of delectable meals is how you know this is the season. All of these are the stuff we look forward to most during Christmas. So why not celebrate the season with the perfect Christmas feast and serve your loved ones with tasty Arla & Lurpak meals that will most definitely leave a lasting memory.

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Top 5 Christmas Ingredients

Lurpak Unsalted butter

Now, to cook a meal that will capture the heart of many, you will need the best ingredients to bring great joy this Christmas. With Lurpak, the taste is always promised to be the best of all cooking & baking ingredients, and how it accentuates your dishes for your family.

top 5 baking ingredients
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Why Lurpak?

  1. Made from fresh cream and lactic culture.
  2. Fresh, pure buttery taste.
  3. Great for cooking and baking because it allows you to control the salt level in your food and gives crispier cookies and pie doughs.
  4. World No 1 butter in the World Championship Cheese Contest 2020
  5. It’s just about anything you want to make in the kitchen. It brings out its true flavours and family members will complement it perfectly
  6. Available flavour:
  • Lurpak Salted Butter
top 5 baking ingredients
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Arla Cream Cheese

Arla Cream Cheese is the perfect ingredient to use in any festive recipes. From delicious desserts to easy make appetizers, to magnificent main courses. It is made from only four natural ingredients & no artificial additives. A perfect go-to partner for cupcakes, muffins, crackers, buns, sandwiches, and wraps, or even as a naturally tasty addition to cheesecakes filled with goodness for upcoming Christmas

top 5 baking ingredients
Photo: @arla

Why Arla Cream Cheese?

  1. Completely natural
  2. No preservatives, additives or colorants are added
  3. Available flavours:
  • Arla Cream Cheese Natural
  • Arla Cream Cheese Natural Light
  • Arla Cream Cheese Herbs & Spices
  • Arla Cream Cheese Pineapple
  • Arla Cream Cheese Garlic & Herbs
  • Arla Cream Cheese Lactose Free

Arla Mozzarella Shredded Cheese

Up next! 

Soft & melted toppings over a variety of your favorite meals. That extra sprinkle that paints so much smile & satisfaction for your loved ones. Anything that this Arla Mozzarella Shredded Cheese touches will leave a wonderful lingering taste in your mouth. What’s amazing about this ingredient is that it is already grated! It saves you so much time in the kitchen.

top 5 baking ingredients
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Why Arla Mozzarella Shredded Cheese?

  1. Mild and delicate with a creamy and aromatic taste
  2. Semi-soft, elastic texture, which implies excellent stretch-ability
  3. Beautiful golden brown when melted
  4. Ideal for use on other dishes in the oven e.g. cooking, baking, on sandwiches, pies, pizza, pasta dishes and in other dishes as a nice looking topping or to add a delicious melted cheese flavor.
  5. Available flavours:
  • Arla Mozzarella Cheese Shredded
  • Arla Mozzarella Pizzatopping Shredded
  • Arla Mozzarella Tex Mex Shredded

Arla UHT Whipping Cream

You can’t buy happiness but dessert can! 


Happiness comes with high-quality cream that would put your delectable dessert to the next level indulgent. If you’re looking for an all-purpose, versatile option that you can use for a wide variety of recipes check out the Arla UHT Whipping Cream! Made of fresh, top-quality Danish milk, this cream will ensure you have a stable and consistent product performance every time. 

top 5 baking ingredients
Photo: @arla

Why Arla Whipping Cream?

  • Delicious creamy taste
  • Consistent smoothness & white in colour 
  • Contains 36% fat and no preservatives 
  • Can be used to thicken all types of sauce
  • As a whipped topping for cakes, pies, desserts
  • Also used as an ingredient in recipes for cupcakes, ice creams, puddings, soups and beverages

Arla Organic Milk

Kick start your morning with a healthier choice of drinks! That is with Arla Organic Milk that gives you 100% freshness intended from nature. Every glass of Arla Organic Milk is full of calcium and protein goodness for the whole family to enjoy. Why not stay healthy with you and your loved ones this Christmas!

top 5 baking ingredients
Photo: @arla

Why Arla Organic Milk?

  1. 100% European certified organic milk from Denmark
  2. No antibiotics and preservatives
  3. No hormones
  4. No additives
  5. No chemicals
  6. Fresh and naturally good taste
  7. Lactose-free
  8. Available flavours:
  • Arla Organic Fresh Milk
  • Arla Organic Low Fat Milk

About Arla

Known as the largest organic dairy producer in the world, Arla pioneers in creating dairy products packed with substantial nutrients while championing substantial and environmental preservations throughout the process of supplying natural goodness from farm to families globally. 



Arla’s vision is to create the future of dairy to bring health and inspiration to the world, naturally.


Arla’s mission is to secure the highest value for their farmer’s milk while creating opportunities for their growth. As a cooperative company owned by milk producers, their task is to ensure that they can create as much value as possible from the milk producers’ and thereby achieve a competitive milk price for both their owners and other suppliers.

For more information, check out Arla’s official website and follow Arla Malaysia on Instagram and Facebook: @arlamalaysia

Product Availability

Arla cheese and Lurpak butter:

All major hyper/supermarkets in Peninsular Malaysia

Arla Organic Milk:

All Cold Storage, Mercato, and TMC Bangsar in Pen. Malaysia & all Jaya Grocer in Klang Valley.

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