U Mobile Provides Free Mobile Phones And SIMs To Medical Frontliners

With unlimited high speed data and calls nonetheless!

Wowee! There’s a lot of stuff that we can do to improve coronavirus pandemic outbreaks. But no one could’ve predicted this! We are already receiving free internet every day. Now U Mobile is taking it up a notch and decided to give out free mobile phones to our courageous heroes. Who wouldn’t want that!

For Better Contact Tracing Work

U Mobile has been coming out with multiple initiatives to fight COVID-19 as we speak. This time, the telco donated a total of 100 new mobile phones with 100 GX68 postpaid SIMs to two major hospitals that are battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

umobile donate
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The phones and SIMS were given to University Malaya Medical Center and Hospital Sungai Buloh representatives yesterday. The two hospitals will be equipped with unlimited high-speed data and calls to reach out to patients under investigations (PUIs) and to conduct contact tracing. However, giving out Mobile phones and sim cards is just the tip of the iceberg.

As A Token Of Gratitude To The Heroes

Shared by U Mobile CEO, Wong Heang Tuck, “U Mobile is extremely grateful and appreciative of the courage and effort displayed by Malaysia’s medical practitioners who are risking it all to save the lives of COVID-19 patients. As such, we really want to do all we can to support the medical fraternity.”

umobile donate
Photo: @umobile

To date, they have donated RM1 million to the Ministry of Health. Thus, with the distribution of mobile phones and SIMs, they are optimistic that our frontliners will find it useful. “We hope healthcare workers will be able to use them to stay connected, conduct vital contact tracing work, and to reach out to PUIs. U Mobile will continue to monitor the situation and support wherever we can.”

umobile donate
Photo: @umobile

Fight on!

Furthermore, U Mobile had also collaborated with ZTE and edotco recently to build a temporary network site close to Hospital Sungai Buloh. This is to enhance coverage in the area. Something that the frontliners will most definitely appreciate.

umobile donate
Photo: @umobile (Facebook)

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