This Ready-To-Cook Chicken Chop Lets You Enjoy A Quick & Delicious Meal In Just 15 Minutes

Hey foodies! As work, studies or responsibilities heavily take up most of our time, it’s only essential to need a quick and easy meal solution from day to day. Instead of relying on fast food or spending a ton of money on food delivery, here’s a simple way you could whip up a delicious yet convenient lunch or dinner at home!


Uncle Chop’s Chicken Chop Is Ready To Be Eaten In Only 15 Minutes

Uncle Chop Chicken Chop

With a lifelong passion for food, Uncle Chop is the brainchild of two friends- Encik Hairul & Chef Jefri. Both of these entrepreneurs have over 30 years of hospitality experience under their belts, which led to a vision for their brand.

Combining their business and culinary knowledge, they developed innovative recipes for Uncle Chop which focuses on ready-to-cook marinated chicken chop. Their main goal is to celebrate unique national flavours together with foreign inspirations! This is certainly reflected in their seven sumptuous flavours.


Uncle Chop sources fresh Halal-certified chickens from local farms which are cleaned upon arrival. They then marinate the chickens in a container for 24 hours. Next, the cooks vacuum-seal the marinated thigh cuts and place them in a blast freezer for two hours.

Finally, they store the frozen packets of chicken in a walk-in chiller where they can be kept for up to 6 months!


Uncle Chop Chicken Chop

There are seven chicken chop flavours, each comes in a generous portion of 250g with an extra sachet of delicious sauce!


1. Asam Pedas

Chicken Chop Asam Pedas

A beloved Malaysian sauce with a kick of spice to sate your tastebuds.


2. Kopi

Chicken Chop Coffee


One of their bestsellers, this coffee-flavoured chicken chop is a must-try! Deep and rich savoury notes to be enjoyed.

3. Karipoley

Chicken Chop Karipoleh

Uncle Chop’s team took inspiration from Kam Heong flavours and turned it into Karipoley, an aromatic sauce with delectable flavours.

4. Aloha

Say hello to Hawaii! With pineapples and chillies in the sauce, it has a tinge of sweetness that fits well for those who enjoy Western tastes.

5. BBQ

Chicken Chop BBQ

Who doesn’t love a BBQ chicken chop, it’s a crowd favourite!

6. Teriyaki

You simply can’t go wrong with this mouthwatering chicken chop flavour, it packs a punch.

7. Black Pepper

Chicken Chop Black Pepper

Hot, peppery goodness- this is the one for you if you love a classic chicken chop.

The great thing about Uncle Chop is that their products are incredibly versatile. You may enjoy their chicken chops with pasta, plain or fried rice, potatoes and vegetables, or eat them with burger buns! The method of cooking is easy- pop the defrosted chicken chop in an air fryer at 180 degrees Celsius or into an oven/pan and cook for 15 minutes.

Uncle Chop Asam Pedas Oxtail

Apart from chicken chop, they also have Oxtail Asam Pedas that gives you a satisfying meal by simply adding the packet to boiling water!

Their latest promo includes a lunchtime Bento Set with your preferred chicken chop flavour- it comes with fried rice, egg and salad too! Available from 11am-3pm on weekdays.

Enjoy A Yummy Meal With Uncle Chop

Uncle Chop also has package sets where you can buy seven pieces and above for a special discount and free delivery. You may order via linktree or Whatsapp! What are you waiting for? Enjoy foodies!

Uncle Chop

Address: 55, Jalan 6/10, Kampung Tasik Tambahan, 68000 Ampang, Selangor (Office)

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm

Contact: 012-5278867

Status: Muslim-owned

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

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