Dondon Korean BBQ Is A New Exciting Restaurant That Serves Original Korean Recipes

Unique And Tasty Korean Food

Despite the abundance of Korean BBQ restaurants in the Klang Valley, finding an authentic one is not easy. From quality of meat, type of grill and charcoal, the atmosphere of the restaurant and more, there are many factors that contribute to what is considered a great Korean BBQ experience. Thankfully, Dondon Korean BBQ in Desa Sri Hartamas checks all the right boxes.

Dondon Korean BBQ Serves Famous Dishes From Different Parts Of Korea

Photo: KL Foodie

Opened in August 2019 by a qualified Korean chef from Daegu, Korea called Yong, Dondon BBQ takes pride in serving good quality imported meats and original Korean recipes. Since its inception, most of Dondon’s customers are native Koreans – a testament to the authenticity of the food.

Dondon Korean BBQ Uses Oak Wood Charcoal To Add More Flavour To Meats

One of the key components to Dondon’s tasty BBQ is the Oak Wood Charcoal they use. The meat juices that drips on this fragrant charcoal creates a discernible smokey aroma that is infused into the cooked meat.

Photo: KL Foodie

The BBQ Meats At Dondon Korean BBQ Is Cut Fresh To Order

All the meats served here are cut fresh by the owner herself upon the customer’s order.

1. Samgyeopsal – Pork Belly

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

This Samgyeopsal is no ordinary Pork Belly cut – it comes with the rib meat on the bottom. With just the right ratio of fat and lean meat, the Samgyeopsal is a classic favourite that must not be missed.

2. Dwaeji Mackchang – Pork Intestines

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

Sometimes what’s ugliest on the outside, is the tastiest on the inside. Do not let the look of these Pork Intestines fool you, because they are absolutely delicious. Seared to a crisp on the outside, tender and slightly chewy on the inside, with no gamey taste whatsoever; this Daegu speciality is done super right.

3. Galmegisal – Pork Skirt Meat

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

The Pork Skirt Meat is to be cherished because there is only about 200g of it per pig – a cut that is located near the ribs and the belly. On top of its amazing flavour, what’s special and confusing about this is how it doesn’t taste like pork, but beef!?

4. Galbisal – Beef Rib Meat

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

As soon as you bite into the Galbisalthis USA imported beef rib meat will fill your mouth with natural bovine flavours that only fresh beef can present. To highlight its flavour, pair it with french whole grain mustard and himalayan salt. This can also be eaten in a Lettuce wrap called Ssam.

Photo: KL Foodie

5. Kkomjangeo – Spicy Sauce Hagfish

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

This similar-like-eel fish is marinated in a homemade chili paste and garlic. Imported straight from Korea, this Hagfish releases a savoury burst of flavour as soon as your teeth sinks in. This crunchy and firm meat is best eaten wrapped in a fragrant Perilla leaf with ginger.

Photo: KL Foodie

6. Spicy Seasoned Chicken

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

For those that want chicken to go along with your other meats, the delicious Spicy Seasoned Chicken is highly recommended. When seared over charcoal, this chicken becomes charred-crispy on the outside with its meat still retaining its tenderness on the inside.

A-la Carte And Side Dishes Here At Dondon Are Unique And Tasty

The A-la Carte and side dishes served here at Dondon are delicious and should not be overlooked.

1. Choongmu Kimbab

Photo: KL Foodie

Notice how there isn’t any filling in the Kimbap other than rice? That’s because the unique Choongmu Kimbap is served with spicy squid kimchi, radish kimchi and sesame oil on the sideTo do it like the Koreans, eat it by:

  • Dipping seaweed roll into sesame oil and putting in mouth.
  • Immediately stuffing the squid or radish kimchi in mouth.

2. Banchan – Side Dishes

Photo: KL Foodie

Serving only few but quality side dishes, perk up your senses with these flavourful Banchan that come along with your BBQ meal.

Top to Bottom: Cold Radish Soup, Pickled Mustard Greens (Sawi), Pickled Onions, Chili Bean Sprouts, Korean Glass Noodles, Cabbage Kimchi, Kimchi-Jjigae and Steamed Egg.

Get A Korean Alcoholic Beverage At Dondon For A Full Korean BBQ Experience

Dondon opens till late in the morning every single day to cater to customers that want to stay, eat and drink!

1. MakSoSa (With Promotion)

Photo: KL Foodie

The MakSoSa is a milky-white mixture of Soju, Sprite and Rice Wine (Makgeolli). This sweet, sour and fizzy drink is poured from a light gold kettle into a palm-sized bowl – a fun and charming way to pique interest from the uninitiated.

2. Somaek (Soju and Beer)

Photo: KL Foodie

Somaek, a mixture of Soju and Beer, is the classic go-to drink for Korean BBQ diners. This refreshing drink is perfect to soothe your meat-saturated palate.

Dondon Korean BBQ Is Having A Promotion Just For KL Foodie Viewers

  1. Enjoy 1 MakSoSa set and get FREE Kimchi Pancake
  2. Share a KL Foodie Dondon post and get FREE Pork Ribs (Article or Video)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Promotion valid until April 30th 2020.
  • 1 Free pancake limited to 1st set of MakSoSa order only.
  • Free pork ribs valid for any Facebook or Instagram repost.
  • Minimum 1 BBQ order is required for Free Pork Ribs.

Dine Here At Dondon For The Ultimate Korean BBQ Experience

Everything about this place – the recipes, the open-air ambience and the service – provides diners a real comfortable and authentic feel to Korean BBQ in Malaysia. By not altering its original Korean recipes to suit local tastes, eating here is the chance to truly enjoy Korean cuisine.

Photo: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

Dondon Korean BBQ

Address: 33G, Plaza Crystalville, Jalan 23/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Wilayah Persekutuan, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 4pm – 2am (Sunday – Thursday)
4pm – 3am (Friday & Saturday)

Status: Non-Halal

Link(s): Facebook

Make a reservation by calling 014-655 7276

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