11 Unique Mooncakes & Tea You Must Try At Sunway Pyramid For This Year’s Mid-Autumn Festival

A Surprise With Each Bite!

Greetings foodies! As we’re slowly marching into the end of September, this also means one thing – Mid-Autumn (a.k.a Mooncake) Festival is here! All types of sweet and savoury round-shaped treats flood the streets and fill up our bellies. However, if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, we’ve got you covered right here!


11 Extraordinary Mooncakes & Tea To Elevate Your Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations:

1. Bubble Tea Mooncake | Tealive

Kicking off the list is none other than this glorious creation by Tealive for all bubble tea fans in Malaysia – Bubble Tea Mooncake. Bite into the signature Tealive milk tea-flavoured mooncakes and be surprised as chewy brown sugar pearls greet your palate. It’s now selling at RM25 with two pieces of mooncakes per box.

Status: Halal

2. Moon Crepe | Vanilla Crepe

(Clockwise from top left) Mango, Vanilla, Pandan, Midnight Chocolate

Well-known for their melt-in-your-mouth mille crepe cakes, Vanilla Crepe has come out with the perfect mooncake for dessert lovers! Their signature crepe cakes are encased in soft and chewy snow skin mooncakes. You’ll find irresistible flavours such as Vanilla, Mango, Midnight Chocolate as well as Pandan in a single box.

Status: Muslim-Friendly

3. Ice Cream Mooncakes | Inside Scoop

(Clockwise from top left) Snow Skin Unicorn w/ Raspberry Yolk, Snow Skin Durian w/ Chocolate Yolk, Chocolate Shell Caramel Biscuit w/ Chocolate Salted Caramel Yolk, Chocolate Shell Rocher w/ Crunchy Base

This next one will easily become your go-to mooncake as it combines everyone’s favourite dessert – ice cream! Inside Scoop has once again pushed out their delectable handcrafted ice cream mooncakes you can’t get enough of. You must get a taste of their Chocolate Shell Caramel Biscuit with Chocolate Salted Caramel Yolk. There’s also the 7.5-inch Supermoon made with creamy pistachio ice cream that can feed up to 12 people!

Status: Halal


4. Cempedak Snowskin Mooncake | Mizicor

Next up, step up your mooncake game by trying this Cempedak Snowskin Mooncake by Mizicor! They even have a wide range of mooncakes made from our favourite fruits like Mango & Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Matcha and even Musang King Durian. Surprisingly light and refreshing on the palate, the Cempedak Mooncake is great for an after-meal dessert!


Status: Halal

5. Dried Meat Mooncake & Mini Mooncakes | Bee Cheng Hiang

Low Sugar White Lotus Mooncake
Signature Bak Kwa Mooncake

Hailing from one of the most famous Bak Kwa (dried meat) stores, Bee Cheng Hiang rolls out mooncakes combining their signature Bak Kwa in them. You’ll fall in love with its wholesomeness and slight crunchiness in each bite. As for those who can never seem to finish a whole mooncake, there’s also super adorable mini mooncakes resembling Chinese chess pieces!

Status: Non-Halal

6. Musang King Durian Mooncake | Liu Xin

Durian mooncakes are a thing now, and we’re all in for it! Get your hands on these Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncakes from Liu Xin made with 100% pure durian flesh. It’s also manufactured by Tip Top Durian that also produces and delivers top quality Musang King durians right to your homes.

Status: Halal

7. Buttermilk Mooncake | The Loaf x Chuck’s

(Clockwise from top left) Black Sesame, Buttermilk, Matcha, Chocolate

These non-traditional mooncakes from Chuck’s and The Loaf are a collaboration no one saw coming but instantly fell in love with. Be smitten with surprising flavours of Golden Buttermilk, Rich Chocolate and Matcha. The mooncakes are not too sweet too, so you can munch on them all day long! Each box also comes with a box of signature Chuck’s masks – it’s the perfect mooncake gift box for your girlfriends!

Status: Halal

8. Dried Meat Mooncake With Lotus | Loong Kee

Dried Meat Lotus (1 Yolk) Mooncake
(Left to right) Dried Meat Lotus Mooncake & Dried Meat Lotus (1 Yolk) Mooncake

Besides that, Loong Kee has also rolled out a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional mooncakes. The popular dried meat connoisseur also has its version of Bak Kwa (Dried Meat) mooncake. If you’re a fan of savoury taste, then you’ll love this version from Loong Kee as theirs comes with a huge egg yolk in the middle!

Status: Non-Halal

9. Legend Of Tea

Now, let’s move on to some refreshing thirst quenchers. Do drop by this tea connoisseur that has been producing one of the best teas in Malaysia since 1993. Have a nice and warm cup of Puer Tea that’s a great pair with your favourite lotus seed or five-kernal (nut) mooncakes at home. There’s also an ongoing promo for its award-winning Puer Tea at Legend Of Tea!

10. Chun Yang

Turning to more contemporary ways of drinking your favourite tea, Chun Yang has got your sorted out. Their best-seller drinks like Honey Lemon Oolong Tea and Green Tea Lemon with Aiyu Jelly are great with red bean or Mung bean mooncakes! Of course, it’s also an addictively delicious thirst quencher to have on any ordinary days.

11. M&S Café

Last but certainly not least, these tea bags from Mark’s & Spencer Cafe are just the perfect Western Fusion pairing with snowskin mooncakes. Who said English teas can’t be paired with mooncakes must not have tried it. Bringing a lighter and more refreshing flavour to your palate – you might find your next favourite combo right here!

Even More Traditional & Non-Traditional Mooncakes To Be Found

Think that’s about it? Think again! Still on the fence of the above non-traditional mooncakes, you can still find a plethora of other more conventional ones right here in Sunway Pyramid. The Mid-Autumn Festival event is currently ongoing till 29th Sep 2020 only! Just head on over to LG2 Orange Concourse for a festive shopping spree.

Shop More & Redeem Your Very Own Personalised Lantern Kit

Photo: @sunway_pyramid (Instagram)

Apart from that, kids of all ages are also going to enjoy this build-your-own lantern kit*! Pick from adorable designs of either an owl or fish. All you have to do is spend a minimum of RM250 (RM200 for Leo Cubs & SunMed Kid’s Club members) in 2 receipts* right here in Sunway Pyramid. Then, head over to the redemption counter at GF Ice Rink (Located in between Ippudo & Puma).

*While stocks last

Have A Memorable Mid-Autumn Festival At Sunway Pyramid This Year

Photo: @sunway_pyramid (Instagram)

Celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival like no other right here at Sunway Pyramid! Of course, if you’re socially distancing at home, there’s no reason for you to miss out on the festivities. Watch the virtual celebration here with celebrity guests and even win some awesome prizes. Don’t forget to get your hands on those incredibly unique mooncakes at Sunway Pyramid before it’s too late too!

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