Penang’s Best Brunch Spot Will Be Opening In Bangsar Soon!


Hello, fam! We all know that Bangsar has a great cafe scene. Well, it is about to get a whole lot better because Penang’s Best Brunch Spot Will Be Opening In Bangsar Soon! It is time to start your year with a bang because Urban Daybreak, a cafe that serves authentic Australian breakfast and brunch will be opening in early January. So far, that’s the best news for 2019!

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Penang’s Best Brunch Spot Will Be Opening In Bangsar Soon!

Photo: Urban Daybreak (Facebook)

Urban Daybreak was founded in Penang back in the year of 2016. Within the span of two years, they are opening their second branch in Bangsar, a place that is very well known for spot on breakfasts. Talk about growth! Urban Daybreak is widely known for their Fried Chicken Waffle back in Penang. So, make sure that Fried Chicken Waffles will be your first order in the new branch!

While Penang’s branch isn’t, their new branch in Bangsar is set to be 100% pork-free! It’s a new Muslim-friendly cafe you need to check out in 2019.

Photo: Urban Daybreak (Facebook)

We will tell you why their Fried Chicken Waffle is super amazing. First and foremost, there is a good balance between the fried chicken and waffle! Don’t you just hate it when you have something extra? The fried chicken is cooked to perfection with an extra layer of crunch. Their waffles are not too thick, and so you will have a good bite! It is wrapped together with a tasty sauce. You’ll love it!

Photo: Urban Daybreak (Facebook)

Apart from their bestselling Fried Chicken Waffle, they have something for everyone. Fans of avocados will be happy to know that they can have it for breakfast at Urban Daybreak. Their Avocado Smash is made with different layers! It is topped off with perfectly poached eggs, so you’ll have a good time breaking it. Some other favourites include The Really Big Breakfast and The Hungry Burger! If you’re not big on breakfast, there’s always pasta!

Photo: Urban Daybreak (Facebook)

Keepin’ it healthy? They have real fruit juices that are cleverly named! Hangover Cure, Liver Detox, and Green Machine. If you are looking for something heavier to get you through the day, Urban Daybreak serves smoothie bowl topped with all kinds of super fruits and seeds. We think that you get the idea that they a good menu, so, bring your family, and friends in January!

Urban daybreak KL

Urban Daybreak Will Be Opening In Bangsar Soon!

Photo: Urban Daybreak (Facebook)

We can’t wait for Urban Daybreak to finally open in Bangsar! Check out their Facebook and Instagram to be updated with their progress, or simply drool at their menu. Honestly, we are in no position to judge ’cause we are drooling on their Instagram right now. Also, check out our Top 15 Best Cafes in Bangsar For Cafe Hoppers if you are planning for cafe hopping trip when Urban Daybreak opens!

By the way, the cafe is not pork free!


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