WATCH: Malaysian Brings Rice Cooker Filled With Rice Into KFC To Pair It With His Fried Chicken

'Open House' Kat KFC

Ever had a meal where you just feel like there’s something missing? While we crave for a pairing of chilli padi or maybe soy sauce to our mains, this Malaysian youth craved for rice so much he brought an entire pot of it…to KFC.


Msian’s Love For Rice And Fried Chicken Inspires Him To Bring His Rice Cooker To KFC

In a TikTok video uploaded by @tengkuhahaha, he brought along a rice cooker filled with freshly cooked rice on his visit to the famous fast food chain. The guy had hid the rice cooker in his bag and brought it out when he got his meal. He even brought the rice spatula along!

Credit: @tengkuhahaha (TikTok)

As he opened the lid to the rice cooker and revealed it to be filled with freshly cooked rice, his friends immediately flocked to his table. Everyone had wanted to tambah nasi to their fried chicken set too. And within a few seconds, the rice was nearly all gone.

Credit: @tengkuhahaha (TikTok)
Credit: @tengkuhahaha (TikTok)

The video has since gained lots of traction on TikTok with 3.6M views. Netizens couldn’t help but comment on the hilarious video as well. One netizen had even pointed out that the boy’s mother must be looking for the rice cooker at home but turns out her son had taken it to KFC.

Watch the full video here:


HAHAHAHA meriahnya

♬ Yamet Kudasi – @dewiismah

What Other Food Can’t You Live Without?

We all know that feeling of a meal not being complete without rice paired with it. As funny as it seems, do remember not to bring your own rice to KFC. Maybe next time can just order a bowl of rice from their menu?

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