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We’re Taking Up This Mysterious Magnum X Money Heist Experience To Unlock La Banda’s Final Goodbye Message

Hey there! In case you didn’t know, the La Banda team has secretly left a secret Sweet Goodbye message to their fans in Malaysia. This is a parting gift in conjunction with the hit show’s season finale. And, yes, we’ve received the Magnum X Money Heist Bundle and we cannot wait to work on it to unveil the secret message. But to do that, we need help from you, fellow Malaysians. So keep reading to find out how you can lend us a helping hand.


Unlock La Banda’s Sweet Goodbye Message

In true Heist style, the unlocking of pixels is no ordinary message. In fact, you’ll need to gather other avid Money Heist fans to solve the 3,520 individual puzzles pixel by pixel to unlock the hidden message.

Before you take up the challenge, here are 2 things that you need to do:

Step 1: Get the Limited Edition Magnum X Money Heist Bundle from all major e-commerce and food delivery platforms in Malaysia:





Magnum X Money Heist


Step 2: Visit or SCAN the QR code on the limited-edition Magnum X Money Heist Bundle for more details!

Magnum Money Heist Bundle

Step 3: Unlock the Sweet Goodbye message!



Don’t worry, let us take you through a step-by-step method in unlocking the message.

  1. Firstly, find the pixels that are yet to be unlocked

Click on ‘Unlock This Pixel’

Rearrange the puzzle by tapping each tile to swap until the pixel is correct.

From now until 12th December 2021, players who managed to unlock the Sweet Goodbye message will stand a chance to walk away with:

Grand Prize: Replica Gold bar from the set of Money Heist.

Get The Magnum X Money Heist Bundle & Start Unlocking the Sweet Goodbye!

So, are you game to take up this challenge to unlock La Banda’s Sweet Goodbye message? If you’re up for it, just get the Magnum x Money Heist Bundle and start working your brain cells. For real, this is #TheSweetGoodbye, long live La Banda!

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