What Country Is ROC And Why Are They In The Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

It’s been 2 whole days since the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 officially began and since then, netizens have started question what country “ROC” is and why are they in the Olympics this year. Virtual spectators of the Olympics noticed ROC when Russian sport shooter, Anastasiia Galashina, won a silver medal. However, her cap and clothes had the letters ROC on them instead of Russia. 


Netizens have been wondering when a country named ROC came to be

According to FOX Sports, the Olympics committee have banned Russia’s national anthem, flag and name from major competitions until December 2022. This was a result of Russia’s practice of systematic doping. Doping refers to the use of banned substances in competitive sports.

The New York Times

Olympic ROC

On top of that, the Russian government have also been barred from attending any major events, while the country is also not allowed to host nor bid for tournaments. The ban stretches beyond Olympic Games and also includes a wide range of international competitions including World Championships.

Olympic hosting
CNN International

Hence, Russian athletes compete in the Olympics under the Russia Olympic Committee (ROC). Furthermore, the Russian anthem is replaced with music by a famous Russian composer, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and the official tracksuit will be decorated in Russia’s colours.

Spy Gist

To watch the Games for free online, you can easily visit the RTM Tokyo Olympics microsite. The microsite hosts several different channels that livestream different Games simultaneously. This way, you don’t have to choose between either watching badminton or basketball. All you have to do is open the microsite in different tabs and stream concurrent games simultaneously!

Olympics ROC

To make sure you don’t miss any Malaysian moments of the Olympic Games this year, you can also bookmark this website. This website has a list of daily schedules for games Malaysia is participating in. The daily schedules include details of the specific sport, start time, the athlete’s name(s) and more.

Olympic ROC


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