Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying Your Favourite Go-To Packaged Milk

Milk 101

A grocery trip is never complete without grabbing your favourite box of milk. Because let’s be honest – we can’t live without it, either it’s pairing with your favourite cereal, or just having it on its own. Now, do you actually know your milk? Why are some milk sold in refrigerated areas while some are not? Today, you’re getting a milk 101 so that you can enjoy the milk best suited for you and your loved ones!


Tips On Getting The Perfect Type Of Milk For You & Your Family

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One of the few similarities you might already be familiar of is that both refrigerated and shelf stable (non-refrigerated) milk come in a multitude of flavours. They are both similar too when it comes to nutritional value. And most importantly, they both contain no preservatives at all! Which means you have to finish either one 3-7 days after opening and refrigerating it.

Here Are The Differences To Take Note Of:

#1 Sterilisation Process


Refrigerated milk is pasteurised – flash heated to a temperature of 72°C for 15 seconds then cooled quickly to kill off majority of the bacteria. On the other hand, shelf stable milk is UHT (Ultra High Temperature) processed at 135°C for 2-5 seconds. Since it’s heated at a higher temperature, it practically kills off most of the bacteria in the milk.

#2 Expiration Date

One thing you’ll easily notice is definitely the expiration date too. Refrigerated milk will last for only about two weeks, while shelf stable milk can last up to nine months since date of packaging.

#3 Packaging

Besides that, you’ll realised that refrigerated milk comes in more variety of packaging compared to shelf stable milk. Shelf stable milk are mostly packaged in tetra packs as it won’t be exposed to any outside element, given the nature of the packaging. From bottles to tetra packs, have a pick at your favourite ones.

#4 Shipping Method

Refrigerated milk has to be shipped in (you guessed it) large refrigerated containers – to maintain its freshness. This applies to purchasing milk for our daily lives as well. So if you’re not going home immediately after your grocery shopping, it’s best to get shelf stable milk.

#5 Pricing

Last but not least, is the pricing of both milks. If you’re a frequent grocery shopper and milk drinker, you’ll know that refrigerated milk generally costs more than shelf stable milk. This may apply to different places and ongoing promotions. But since refrigerated milk are fresher, so there’s no surprise it cost more.

Here’s A Couple Things To Take Note Of Too

Before ending this milk-tastic article and you running off to get yourself a pint of your go-to milk, here are a couple more tips. It’s best to refrigerate fresh milk and full cream milk first when you get back home. If you’re getting milk for long distance travel, then it’s highly recommended to get shelf stable milk instead. Last but not least, if you’re someone who loves flavoured milk, then it’s best to mix in with fresh milk as to reduce the overall sugar intake.


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