Singapore Famous Masters Of Stir-Fry Opens First Outlet In PJ With Customisable Dishes Filled With Wok Hei!

Our love for the classics like fried rice and noodles will never run out – especially those with wok hei and charred to perfection! Lucky for you, WOK HEY, a famous brand from Singapore and known as masters of zi char (stir-fry), recently opened their very first overseas outlet in Sunway Pyramid! Let’s take a look at how this take-out concept prepares all your favourites.


This New Spot In PJ Lets You Customise Stir-Fried Rice & Noodles Filled With “WOK HEY”

Started in Singapore back in 2017, WOK HEY is a modern, fast-casual kiosk concept offering one-of-a-kind customisable fry-to-order wok dishes. Inspired by Cantonese-style cooking, you can expect each dish to be cooked in modern Cantonese-style cooking (with electric induction woks!). Surprisingly, they are able to produce wok hei in every dish they cook up. We found that WOK HEY’s customised induction stoves can generate intense and consistent heat over a shorter period of time, which also helps in speed and efficiency of every order. Not only its environmentally friendly, it also creates a better working environment for the chefs!

You will soon realise that at WOK HEY, the cooking technique is equally vital as their ingredients. Apart from having the skills to toss every dish effortlessly, they also use premium Japanese rice and handmade Japanese noodles for their mains, they also offer the freshest Add-Ons. Choose from 12 different Add-Ons and enjoy over 2,460 possibilities!

Asian Fusion Stir-Fry Dishes We Can’t Have Enough Of

Here’s how to enjoy your favourites at WOK HEY. First, you choose from 4 distinct mains, with choices of Egg Fried Rice, Shanghai Fried Rice, Fresh Udon or Fresh Ramen. Then, you choose from 3 different proteins – grilled chicken, braised beef and seasoned prawns. Then you can go crazy with the add-ons at RM1.50 per Add-On. Catch them in action, tossing and stir-frying.. and you’re done!


We’ll let you in on the perfect combo at WOK HEY. For Egg Fried Rice, it’s highly suggested to try it with Seasoned Prawns and Tobiko. This is no doubt a crowd-favourite! Each mouthful is bursting with flavours, especially with that delightful taste of Tobiko! Aside from that, there’s also Shanghai Fried Rice with Braised Beef and Nai Bai (milk cabbage). Huge slices of beef are paired perfectly with crunchy nai bai.


Apart from fragrant rice, you must try their fresh noodles too! The Fresh Udon with Grilled Chicken and Shimeji Mushroom is a fresh take on Japanese and Chinese dishes. Slurp up on springy thick udon with huge chunks of grilled chicken. Next up, take your noodle game up a notch with the Fresh Ramen with Seasoned Prawns, Capsicum and a Sous Vide Egg. Break the runny egg yolk, mix everything together to give that extra creamy rich flavour in each bite!


Enjoy 1 FREE Add-On When You Visit WOK HEY Today! Limited Time Only!

Can’t wait to try this? Now you can enjoy 1 FREE Add-On with every WOK HEY order! Simply flash your mobile phone when you order to show that you have Liked & Followed @mywokhey on Instagram and Facebook to redeem. The promo is only valid till 4 May 2022. Hurry before it’s too late!

What are you most excited to try at WOK HEY? Now you have an extra spot for fresh stir-fry favourites right here in the city! Enjoy, foodies!

WOK HEY @ Sunway Pyramid

Location: LG2.43A (LOWER GROUND 2 FLOOR), Sunway Pyramid, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Hours: 11AM – 10PM (DAILY)

Status: In the process of Halal status application (p.s.: All WOK HEY outlets in Singapore are Halal approved.)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram | Website

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