Quench Your Thirst With Yeo’s Healthy Nourishment 1 Litre Drinks That Are Definitely “Berbaloi Untuk Sekeluarga” (Less Sugar)!

If you’re looking to explore healthier options in regard to food and beverages, here’s your sign! As we all know, Yeo’s Malaysia is a homegrown brand that has been around for decades. You’ve most likely been delighted with their drinks before as they are a household favourite, especially in bigger families! With improved health in mind, here is their new assortment of Healthy Refreshments that you simply need to try.

Yeo’s Healthy Refreshment & Nourishment Drinks Come In 1 Litre Pack That’s “Berbaloi Untuk Sekeluarga”

Since sharing is caring, Yeo’s has launched 1 Litre “Berbaloi Untuk Sekeluarga” packs of their top-selling beverages for the whole family to enjoy with ease. Their new recipe includes up to 50% less sugar than the original, with various benefits to provide you with a healthy refreshment as well as nourishment.

Not only is this the ideal grab-and-go drink, but it’s also Halal-certified! Each product comes in a simple no-spill packaging with a twist & pour cap, so you won’t have to deal with pesky seals to peel. Plus, store it upside down, upright or sideways if you wish – it’s completely leakproof in any position!

There are a ton of flavours available including classics such as Soy Milk and Chrysanthemum Tea. Here’s what you can find from their “healthy” and “berbaloi” line of products:

Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea

Providing you with healthy refreshment, Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea is freshly brewed with premium Hangbaiju Chrysanthemum flower that contains natural cooling properties. Stay refreshed as you sip on this tasty tea that has no added flavouring, colouring or preservatives and most importantly, less sugar!

Yeo’s Soy Milk

Anyone who’s sensitive to lactose knows the struggle of finding the ideal milk alternative. Luckily for you, Yeo’s Soy Milk has less sugar, no lactose, and is cholesterol-free too! Freshly extracted from Canadian Whole Soy Beans, this drink is an excellent source of protein as it provides you with healthy nourishment. Most of all, it’s gentle to the stomach and non-acidic for your whole family to enjoy.

Yeo’s Lychee

Looking for something fruity? Then Yeo’s Lychee is what you seek! It has 50% less sugar than the original recipe and is made with real lychee juice that instantly refreshes your tastebuds with fruity flavours. Of course, there are no added preservatives either!

Other flavours available include Yeo’s Iced Lemon Tea. Yeo’s no-added-preservative and less-sugar version is freshly brewed with premium/highland tea that perfectly complements the zesty lemon flavour we all love. Nothing quite hits the spot like a good ol’ cup of green tea either! Containing natural antioxidants, Yeo’s Jasmine Green Tea uses freshly brewed premium/highland tea and adds no preservatives, plus less sugar for maximum health benefits. Last but not least is Yeo’s Winter Melon Flavoured Drink with 30% less sugar than the original, made with Winter Melon Juice that contains no added preservatives.

Memang Berbaloi Untuk Sekeluarga


Ah, now we’re thirsty! With all these delicious flavours that provide healthy refreshment and nourishment, there’s no doubt that switching to Yeo’s 1 Litre pack is beneficial in many ways. Grab yourself some Yeo’s now and enjoy foodies!

Watch Yeo’s video here.

*Yeo’s 1 Litre pack is available at most grocery/convenience stores near you.

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