Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea Malaysia Introduces Double Fruitiness With New Kiwi Series And These Drinks Are So Refreshing

Double fruitiness, double happiness!

Greetings, foodies! If you haven’t already heard, the famous fruit tea chain from the land of boba, Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea has finally opened its first store in Malaysia! Their first store is in Sunway Pyramid and you can bet that we’re all excited to try their amazing fruit teas. In addition, they have just released a new Kiwi Series and they look so refreshing!

Double Fruitiness With Three Brand New Fruit Teas Using 100% Real Kiwis And Real Orange Juice

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Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea is introducing their new Kiwi Fruit Tea, Kiwi Yogurt Fruit Tea and Orange Fruit Tea. Don’t these drinks look so mouth-watering? You will definitely want to try these new drinks because they use 100% real kiwi fruit from New Zealand and 100% real orange juice. Read below to know what goes into making these appetising fruit teas!

Kiwi Series: Kiwi Fruit Tea

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The Kiwi Fruit Tea is made with New Zealand kiwis that are cut fresh daily in-store and mountain tea from Taiwan. In order to maintain the freshness of the kiwis and to ensure you get the best taste of the kiwis, there are only limited cups up for grabs daily!

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If you love kiwi, this drink is a must-try because it is absolutely refreshing. The kiwis are incredibly sweet and not sour at all! They also brew their mountain tea fresh everyday. Besides that, the lightness of tea pairs very well with the sweetness of the kiwis.

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Kiwi Series: Kiwi Yogurt Fruit Tea

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The Kiwi Yogurt Fruit Tea is perfect for those who like a little sourness to their drinks. Because of the fresh yogurt, there is a balance between the sweetness from the kiwi and the sourness from the yogurt. And, don’t worry, there’s only freshness guaranteed!

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Altogether, this drink is also really yummy and refreshing because let’s face it, you can never go wrong with New Zealand kiwis! Plus, the mountain tea from Taiwan is super light and has a lovely tea taste.

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Kiwi Series

  • Only available from 1PM-4PM and 6PM-10PM each day (with limited quantities)

New: Orange Fruit Tea

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Who doesn’t love a fresh glass of orange juice, am I right? Orange juice really freshens you up, gets you going, and this is exactly what Yi Fang’s Orange Fruit Tea does. You can literally taste the freshly-squeezed orange pulp and it’s so good!

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The Orange Fruit Tea is made with fresh orange juice and green tea. There are also slices of apples and oranges in the cup that you can eat after you’ve finished drinking your tea. We bet that you’ll finish it to the last bit because their fruits are so sweet and fresh!

Other Specialtea Drinks From Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea Include Their Taro Milk And Taro Milk Tea

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Some people love fruits and some people love taro, or rather, yam. If you love the taste of taro, you must try their Taro Milk and Taro Milk Tea because Yi Fang imports their yam specially from Taiwan! It is a different type of yam, slightly less purple than the local ones we’re used to. They make their taro paste fresh everyday so there is also a limited number of a 100 taro drinks that go out each day!

Specialtea Drink: Taro Milk

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Taro and boba? Name a better duo. We’ll wait. Yes, that’s right, you must try their Taro Milk if you love all things chewy! Their taro paste and boba is a perfect combo for those who love nibbling away at chewy textures! And, together with fresh milk, this drink is really delicious and addictive. We bet that you can’t get enough it, so, be sure to try it because it is limited!

Specialtea Drink: Taro Milk Tea

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The Taro Milk Tea is made with fresh blended taro, tea, and milk. This drink tastes sweet because of the taro and together with milk, it is a very creamy beverage. Nevertheless, you can taste plenty of sweet yam flavours with this drink. Excited to try it?  We’re sure that you’ll love it if you love the taste of taro!

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Which Of Yi Fang’s Drinks Are You Most Excited To Try?

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Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea @ Sunway Pyramid 

Address: Lot G LG2.CTR Sunway Pyramid Mall, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: Daily; 10AM-10PM

Link(s): Facebook, Instagram 

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