ZUS Coffee Launches FIRST Coffee Outlet In Ipoh’s Post Office

You've got post (and coffee)!

We’ve all been there: queuing in the post office and the drowsiness kicks in as the wait goes on. Though reaching early to beat the crowd is a good idea, we can all agree that the post office is always full of people! Ever been in this sticky situation? Well, we have some good news: ZUS Coffee has launched their FIRST coffee outlet in a post office!

ZUS Coffee’s FIRST Coffee Outlet In Pos Malaysia Branch

ZUS Coffee Post Office

ZUS Coffee Post Office

The launch of the first ZUS Coffee outlet inside a Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) branch allows customers to enjoy beverages while utilising postal services! The partnership with our national postal and parcel service provider marks the start of a new chapter in ZUS Coffee’s retail experiences.

ZUS Coffee Is Now Available In General Post Office of Ipoh, Perak

ZUS Coffee Post Office

Curious about where this outlet is located? It is nestled within the General Post Office of Ipoh, Perak. Starting 9th February 2023, customers at Pos Malaysia are able to relax and refresh with ZUS Coffee in between errands!

ZUS Coffee’s Chief Operating Officer, Venon Tian said, “We are very grateful that we have Pos Malaysia as a partner on this journey. The General Post Office outlet is the start of a unique opportunity, one that will help everyone access coffee as a necessity, rather than a luxury — which is the driving force behind ZUS. Pos Malaysia offers unparalleled reach and connection to Malaysians, and we are honoured to be given the chance to become a unique part of this network, as we bring specialty coffee to an even broader customer base.”

This collaboration brings convenience and customer service together, providing a unique and memorable in-store experience in addition to helping Malaysians gain easier access to coffee!

ZUS Coffee Post Office

Enjoy A Cup Of ZUS Coffee At The General Post Office Outlet!

Whether you’re posting letters or parcels, paying bills, or renewing driver’s licence, it’s always nice to sit and relax with a cup of coffee while waiting! Hoping for more outlets to be available at post offices all around Malaysia so everyone will be able to enjoy ZUS Coffee while running errands and utilising postal services!

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