10 Best Food to Get at Ramadan Bazaar in Malaysia

The month of Ramadan is just around the corner. Our Muslim friends will be fasting during the whole month to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. What’s better than treating yourself to some good food at Ramadan Bazaar after? They’re one of the most anticipated events throughout the whole Ramadan. Stick with us as we tell you some of the best food to get at Ramadan Bazaar 2019!


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10 Best Food to Get at Ramadan Bazaar 2019:


Ayam Percik

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Ayam percik has got to be the spotlight of Ramadan Bazaar 2019. In fact, they are available at most bazaars. Marinated with spices such as turmeric, lemongrass, cumin, coconut milk and more, the chickens are then roasted to perfection. Imagine juicy, tender chicken meat covered in Malaysian flavors, we’re drooling just by writing this.

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Murtabak and other Roti

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What is Ramadan Bazaar 2019 without murtabak? They’re often one of the stalls with the longest queue. People would just buy 10 or 20 pieces at once to be shared among the family members, that’s how good murtabak is. They’re filled with either chicken or beef minced meat and onions, some even come with special menu like cheese. Not a fan of murtabak? Roti John and roti canai are popular must-eat at a bazaar as well.

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Fried, Juicy Stuff

There’s always one stall in bazaars that are the loudest, oiliest, yet the aroma travels miles away. That’s right, the fried stuff corner. Here you can find not just big, juicy fried chicken but other battered goodness such as giant squid, calamari rings, keropok lekor, nuggets and fish balls and many more. You name it, they might have it. Evenly coated and fried on the spot, fried stuffs are always one of the must get food in Ramadan Bazaar 2019.

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Nasi Kerabu & Nasi Kukus

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We Asians cannot ditch the carbs, especially during the month of puasa. We just love the welcoming vibe of bazaars, everyone is so nice. The blue color of nasi kerabu comes from the natural hue of butterfly-pea flowers, and they’re often paired with tons of vegetables and side of protein (chicken or fish). Nasi kukus on the other hand, is less of vegetables and more meat. Fluffy steamed rice paired with curry and marinated chicken, it’s best to eat while it’s still hot, hence the name kukus (steamed).

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Ayam Penyet

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Another crowd’s favorite at Ramadan Bazaar 2019, ayam penyet. Chicken thigh or meats are smashed with the back of the knife or pestle to soften them, hence the name penyet (smashed). It is then marinated and fried till golden brown, paired with steamed rice and a side of sambal. Some say it’s an Indonesian delicacy (here we go again), but you know what? Ayam penyet is just a warm, fuzzy food embraced by every culture.

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Sup Tulang/ Daging

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There are those days where you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket, cuddle in sofa with warm food. Sup tulang checks every box of comfort food. They’re nutritious, filling, and warms your body up. They’re infused with so much flavor from the spices, bone marrows and beef or mutton meats. It’s basically a stew, but better and best served with a slice of bread.

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One of the traditional food for Raya, how can we miss out lemang at Ramadan Bazaar 2019? It’s made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt. They’re then cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves. Though it looks pale and typical, the aroma of coconut and sticky texture of the rice is impeccable. Have it on its own or dip them in gravy or even curry, so delicious.

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Kuih-Muih and Sweet Treats

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Those colorful sweet treats that comes in different shapes and sizes never failed to surprise us each time. From traditional kuih-muih like kuih talam, kuih lopes, kuih bengka to fun, modern treats like jellies and cheese tarts. You’ll be spoiled for choice and they’re super cheap. Fix your sugar cravings or just pack them for the upcoming festival.

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Kebab and Roasted Lamb

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What’s better than marinated, roasted meats, especially on skewers. People at Ramadan Bazaar 2019 knows how to make the best kebab at an affordable price. They’re so generous with spices their meats turned out tender and extremely flavorful. Our next favourite would be kambing golek aka roasted lamb. Some bazaars roast the whole lamb on the spot, so it’s quite a scene.

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Colorful, Iced Cold Drinks

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It might be a little tiring after the hopping from stall to stall to get all the good food at Ramadan Bazaar 2019. Time to recharge by downing a cup of ice, cold drink. From syrup bandung to teh ice and corn drinks, options are endlessly colourful at these drinks stalls. They’re cheap, refreshing and sweet, perfect refreshment before heading home or just pack all of them for your family members. They might need some after a long fasting day.


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Who’s excited for Ramadan Bazaar 2019? Foodies, tell us what’s your favorite food to get at ramadan bazaar and share with us your experience. Write everything down in the comment section, because sharing is caring. Plus, we read all of them. All the best to all our Muslim friends for the upcoming fasting, buh bye!

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