10 Must Watch Shows For Foodies On Netflix Malaysia

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There is much more to food than just indulging in it. The best way to learn about what you’re eating is to watch food shows! From Malaysian wet markets to Argentinian Barbecue and Mexico’s Tacos – here are 10 must-watch shows for foodies on Netflix Malaysia.


Watch These 10 Food Shows On Netflix Malaysia

1. Jason’s Market Trails

Photo: Netflix

Jason’s Market Trails is perfect for those curious about the history of iconic Malaysian wet markets. This show uncovers the origins of Malaysian’s favourite dishes and what it takes to make our local markets great.

2. Barbecue

Photo: Netflix

Barbecue is more than an act of cooking – it is one of the oldest methods shared across the world! Journeying across 12 countries, Barbecue explores the traditions of the grill and fire.

3. Somebody Feed Phil

Photo: Netflix

Hosted by Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Somebody Feed Phil takes you on a journey of one man’s love for food. This funny show is presented in a way that makes you feel like you’re there eating with Phil!

4. Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan

Photo: Netflix

Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan or “Kings, Kitchens and their Stories”, explores how Indian food shapes the Indian culture. It features food such as Rasam, chat, dum biryani and more!

5. Ugly Delicious

Photo: Netflix

What does authentic food mean? In Ugly Delicious, host Dave Chang raises serious questions about staple foods all around the globe. Ugly Delicious will have us wondering and salivating at the same time!

6. Festive Foods

Photo: Netflix

Festive Foods explores the meaning behind food that only appear during Malaysian festive seasons. From Moho Kuih during Hungry Ghost Festival, Moru during Deepavali, and Lemang during Hari Raya, this is a must watch show for all Malaysians!

7. Flavourful Origins

Photo: Netflix

Flavourful Origins is a documentary that explores the delicacies of China’s Chaonan and Yunnan cuisines. The methods of cooking in these regions are so unknown to the rest of the world, that you can only thank the creators for capturing these moments.

8. Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an award winning documentary about the greatest living sushi master, 94 year old Jiro Ono. This film reveals his journey as head chef of three Michelin star restaurant, and that sushi making is anything but simple!


9. Nailed It!

Photo: Netflix

Nailed It! is a reality TV series where amateur bakers compete to replicate complicated confectionery! Each episode features different over-the-top desserts like three-tiered cakes to chocolate hot-tubs and Donald Trump cakes. A fun show to watch with your family!

10. Taco Chronicles

Photo: JavierCabral

Taco Chronicles is a documentary that presents the history of Mexico’s National dish – The Taco. It is as significant as what Nasi Lemak is to us Malaysians. The descriptions and visuals this show produces will have you wanting to travel to Mexico for a taste!

Take A Break From Sitcoms And Watch These Food Shows

From sushi to tacos and barbecue – this food show list has all the suggestions you need for a mouth-watering day in. Just remember: always have a snack with you! Happy watching!


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