14 Relatable PKPP Memes That Will Definitely Brighten Your Day

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Hey friends! PKPP is truthfully the start of our freedom. At least a lot of people can travel back to their hometown now or reconnect to distant lovers. And thanks to creative Malaysians, the situation can be portrayed vividly on social media in the form of memes. If you are having a bad day, these will surely put a smile on your face. Can you relate to any of these memes? Sit back and enjoy the ride.


14 Relatable PKPP Memes That Will Make You Smile

1. Ma!! I’m coming homeeee!!!

“Me after the PM announced PKPP;”

2. Domestic Flights After 10th June:

overcrowding flights
Photo: @danialhifzan (Twitter)

3. Long-Distance Relationship Is Hard

long distance relationship
Photo: @Hafixsan (Twitter)

Mom: Where are you going?

Kid: Travelling interstate to meet my partner.

 long distance relationship
Photo: @Hafixsan (Twitter)

Mom: Why are you back?

Kid: I forgot that I’m single.

4. (PKPP) Pen Kapple Pineapple Pen

5. After MCO We Be Like…

after mco
Photo: @rayyanidlan_ (Twitter)

“Wah! A Dog!”


6. Yes Tan Sri, Raya Has Only Started

raya announcement
Photo: @seokyot (Twitter)


“Am I supposed to announce Raya again?”

7. Hand, Salute!


8. Dare To Dream

9. Today’s View Of Malaysia Highways

10. Trust Issues

11. Congested Traffic


12. SPOT Sejarah SPM 2021

See if you can answer these without relying on Google.

spot spm 2021
Photo: @NurQaimara (Facebook)

SPM Sejarah 2021

In the year 2020, the Malaysian government introduced 4 types of Movement Control Order to curb the spread of Covid-19 throughout Malaysia.

a) Please state all types of Movement Control Order. [4 Marks]

b) Please explain the SOP of every answer stated in (a). [8 Marks]

c) As a Malaysian, what is your contribution to help curb Covid-19 from spreading in Malaysia? [6 Marks]

13. Every Country That You Can Visit During PKPP

countries to visit
Photo: @my_pisa (Twitter)

14. Mamak Jom

Hope You Had A Good Time

That’s the end of it. Did you enjoy the compilations? Which one can you relate to the most? Do share with us your thoughts in the comment section below and share it around if this manages to crack a smile on your face. All jokes aside, remember to be careful as much as you did during MCO. We don’t want to create a new cluster after all. Till next time friends!

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