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Netizen Shares How She Managed To Spend A Total Of RM1.05 Only For 105 Items From Ninso


  • Malaysian netizen shares how she only spent RM1.05 for her entire haul of 105 items at Ninso by collecting ShopeePay Vouchers
  • Shop for your favourite biscuits, snacks and drinks from Ninso and many other participating shops for only RM0.01
  • Get assorted snacks & biscuits from Ninso for only RM0.01 here
  • Get assorted snacks & biscuits from Ninso for only RM0.01 here

Here’s How You Can Spend Only RM0.01 For Each Item When You Shop At Ninso

@蜜娘当娘当妻之生活 (Xiao Hong Shu)

A Malaysian netizen recently shared on XiaoHongShu on how she managed to spend RM1.05 only for all 105 items at Ninso. That means she only spent RM0.01 per item, from its original price of RM2.10. She had even bought biscuits, snacks and drinks – all for RM0.01 each!  Honestly, we’re thoroughly impressed by that! Turns out, anyone can get a huge discounted price through Shopee.

@蜜娘当娘当妻之生活 (Xiao Hong Shu)

Shopee has recently introduced a whole range of ShopeePay vouchers where you can get your favourite items from as low as RM0.01. Simply select ‘Deals Near Me’ on your homepage and select the deals from your favourite merchants.

For assorted snacks & biscuits from Ninso: shop here

For assorted beverages from NInso: shop here

There’s also a RM3 rebate when you spend RM5 at Ninso voucher too, you can get it here

@蜜娘当娘当妻之生活 (Xiao Hong Shu)

For Ninso vouchers, you’re allowed to purchase up to 2 vouchers per account. But according to the netizen, the system might reset sometimes and you may be able to purchase more than 2 vouchers per account. After collecting vouchers for several days and on multiple devices, she managed to get 105 RM0.01 Ninso Shopee Vouchers.

@蜜娘当娘当妻之生活 (Xiao Hong Shu)

Other Tips On How You Can Save With Shopee?

Any other tips and tricks to save the most using ShopeePay? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, don’t miss out on other amazing deals for only RM0.01 using ShopeePay vouchers too!

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