7-Eleven Is Selling Japan’s Popular Black Thunder Chocolate Bar For Only RM1 Each

Chocolate fans where you at?


  • 7-Eleven is selling Japan’s most popular chocolate bar; Black Thunder.
  • Get a bar of Black Thunder for only RM1.
  • The promotion starts now until 13th September.

Here’s another Japan made item that you wouldn’t want to miss. Don’t worry, no matcha is involved this time around. Just a bar of heavenly, milky, and crunchy chocolate bar that will help to fix your mood.

Black thunder 7-eleven
Photo: @savingkaki

Delicious Taste In A Flash Of Lightning

black thunder 7-eleven
Photo: @blackthunder.uae (Instagram)

Black Thunder is a Japan-made chocolate bar that is produced by the Yuraku Confectionery Company. Each bar is made out of chocolate cookies, mixed with rice puffs, and coated in chocolate. It is easily one of the most popular chocolate bars in Japan. Tourists will bring back heaps of Black Thunder when they traveled to Japan.

Only RM1 For Each Bar

black thunder 7-eleven
Photo: @blackthunder.uae (Instagram)

Now, 7-Eleven is selling them for only RM1 each! Saving you the trouble of traveling all the way to Japan. Furthermore, these addicting chocolatey goodness will be around until 13th September. Plenty of time to indulge before it is gone for good. So friends, if you ever get your hands on one of these, do share with us your thought in the comment section! Till next time!

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