Durian Smell Hospitalized 6 German Postal Workers And Had An Entire Building Evacuated

A Post Office In Schweinfurt, Germany

CNN reported that twelve German postal workers received medical treatment and have had their entire building evacuated, due to a smell coming from a suspect package. Police, firefighters and emergency service workers were called to determine the smell emanating from the package. A total of six ambulances, five first-responder cars and two emergency vehicles rushed to the scene.

Photo: Betreuungsdienst BRK KV Schweinfurt (Facebook)

The Package Contained Four Thai Durians

A total of 60 staff were evacuated due to the unknown threat the smell posed. Out of the 60, 12 were treated by medical personnel for nausea, and 6 were sent to the local hospital as a precaution.The package was then found to contain four Thai Durian fruits, that a 50-year-old resident had sent home from a friend in Nuremberg.

Photo: @f.photosss (Insta)
Photo: Betreuungsdienst BRK KV Schweinfurt (Facebook)

Do You Like Durians?

Durian has an undeniably pungent smell that only some people love. Those that are unfamiliar with it might think its a chemical leak, or worse, get sent to the hospital. Take care guys!

Source: CNNBetreuungsdienst BRK KV Schweinfurt

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