Now You Can Get To Penang Way Faster By Skipping Ipoh Using This Newly Built Expressway

A Shorter Way To Char Kuey Teow

After months of not being able to travel interstate, there’s a new found appreciation for road trips here. Of course, it comes as no surprise too since overseas travels are still not allowed and highly discouraged against. Today, we’ve great news for those thinking of travelling up north to Taiping or Penang!

West Coast Expressway Will Shorten Your Journey To Penang

Behold the West Coast Expressway (WEC) that connects from Banting, Selangor all the way to Taiping, Perak. This 233km-long expressway has been highly anticipated by many since the construction started back in 2014. Many netizens have also pointed out that those travelling to Penang can skip going through Ipoh in the future. This means you’ll get to your favourite Char Koey Teow spot in Penang way faster. Yay!

Photo: @Infosungaipetani (Facebook)

Is it just us or maybe we’re just missing airports too much? But the straight roads of WCE simply reminds us of airplane landing strips. Well, netizens from Info Sungai Petani seem to think so as well. Besides, the expressway will snake along the coastal area so you’re presented of ever changing scenery of palm tree plantation as well as the ocean. Driving along the WCE will be definitely be a trip on its own as well!

Photo: @Infosungaipetani (Facebook)
Photo: @Infosungaipetani (Facebook)

A Work In Progress

Photo: @Infosungaipetani (Facebook)

However, don’t be too happy just yet because the WCE is yet to be completely finished. According to The Star Online, the entire stretch is projected to complete in 2022 after seeing several delays in the past few years. For now, you’re only able to access several sections of it that’s opened to the public late last year.

Photo: The Star Online

Keep An Eye Out For The West Coast Expressway When You’re Travelling

If you’re planning a road trip to the South, definitely give WCE a go when it’s completed in the future. Or you can visit its already opened sections like to Teluk Intan or Beruas. Let’s hope there’re no further delays in the future and we’ll be able to get to our favourite Penang food faster in no time.

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