Chocolate Soft Serve w/ Lingham’s Extra Hot Chilli Sauce Spotted In Malaysia & Here’s Where To Get It!

Ever wondered what it is like to taste both sweet and spicy flavours, or hot and cold sensation? We spotted the perfect treat to experience just that. It has rich chocolate soft serve covered in, none other than, Lingham’s Extra Hot Chilli sauce! Say what?!


7 CAFé Introduces NEW Flaming Choco Soft Serve With Lingham’s Chilli Sauce!

This is not a drill! Now you can find rich chocolatey soft serve drizzled with iconic Lingham’s chilli sauce at your nearest 7 CAFé by 7-Eleven. Launching on 15th September 2022, the Flaming Choco with Lingham’s will definitely give your tastebuds a fiery surprise.

Similarly, like their other soft serves, you can enjoy the Flaming Choco with Lingham’s on a crunchy cone, in a cup, or on a soft charcoal bun. Gather all your spicy food-loving buddies here, because the hottest (literally!) soft serve has landed in Malaysia and you have to try it for yourself!

Aside from that, don’t miss out on their Extra-ODDinary Combo. You can enjoy their Soft Serve in a cup at only RM2 when you get any of their loaded items, such as loaded nachos, loaded fries and loaded wedges. It’s definitely a deal not to miss out on!

Try This Limited-Time Only Flavour At 7CAFé Nationwide Today

Tired of trying the same old soft serve flavours? Then you should definitely give the Flaming Choco with Lingham’s a try! Check out your nearest 7CAFé by 7-Eleven to find this peculiar soft serve flavour in stores now. 


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