You Can Now Order Savoury Cakes Online Such As Sushi Cake, Nasi Kerabu Cake & More

Who said cakes must be sweet?

Hello Foodies, not sure if you have heard, Afterblack is selling its savoury cakes on CakeTogether! Yes, you heard me right, imagine your favourite local delights now come in the form of a cake. If you are a risk-taker, adventurous, and love bold flavours, try it and let us know how you like it.


Check Out The Savoury Cakes Below

1) Ikura and Idako Octopus Sushi Cake

Photo: CakeTogether (website)

This sushi cake made with Japanese sushi rice as the base, topped with fresh ikura, idako octopus, sakura fish flakes and Japanese seasoning.

2) Chirashi Sushi Savoury Cake

Photo: CakeTogether (website)

This vibrant Chirashi Sushi Cake is made with Japanese sushi rice as the base, topped with a variety of sashimi, vegetables and Japanese seasoning. Something healthy and flavourful!

3) Nasi Kerabu with Percik Chicken Cake

Photo: @afterblacksw (Instagram)

If sweet treats are not your thing, try out this savoury cake. It is made with fragrant rice that naturally dyed with butterfly pea flowers. There is a layer of chicken floss in between and topped with a generous heap of percik chicken, salted egg slices and a variety of fresh herbs.

4) Salted Egg Chicken Cake

Photo: @afterblacksw (Instagram)

This cake is made with steamed Japanese rice, a layer of eggs in between and topped with a generous amount of freshly fried chicken strips mixed in a fragrant and creamy salted egg sauce. This can be a meal on its own!

5) Okonomiyaki Stack

Photo: CakeTogether (website)

Also referred to as Japanese pancake is made with flour and cabbage, topped with chicken floss, bonito flakes, chilli pepper toppings and drizzled in Japanese mayonnaise.

Order Your Savoury Cakes

Photo: @afterblacksw (Instagram)

You can order yours now on Afterblack’s website or on CakeTogether’s website and get 10% off until the end of July 2021. Let us know if you would like this cake and meal combo!

Link(s): Afterblack | CakeTogether

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